b. = born

bap. = baptised

c. = christened

c/m = marriage contract

d. = died

d. vita patris = died in the father's lifetime

dsp(decessit sine prole) died without issue

m. = married

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Alexander Abercromby, 1st of Tullibody, was a younger son of Sir Alexander Abercromby, 1st Baronet of Birkenbog, and succeeded his cousin George Abercromby of Skeith and Tullibody in the lands of Tullibody on his death on 29 June 1699.[1] He m. Mary, daughter of Alexander Duff of Braco, d. in March of 1753 and was father of :

  1. George Abercromby, 2nd of Tullibody, (see below).
  2. Alexander Abercromby, bap. on 27 May 1707.
  3. James Abercromby, bap. on 24 August 1708 and joined the army, being appointed Lieutenant in the 1st Foot on 11 June 1744 and raised to Lieutenant-Colonel in 1770. He served during the American War and leading the Grenadier battalion at the battle of Bunkers Hill on 17 June 1775, he received a gunshot wound from which he soon after died at the hospital in Boston. His nephew, Burnett Abercromby, was served heir to him on 9 February 1776.[2]
  4. John Abercromby, bap. on 1 May 1722.
  5. William Abercromby, bap. on 28 May 1723.
  6. Robert Abercromby, bap. on 28 October 1724.
  7. Mary Abercromby, bap. on 14 December 1710 and d. young.
  8. Helen Abercromby, bap. on 14 January 1713 and m. on 17 July 1739, to Sir Robert Abercromby, 3rd Baronet of Birkenbog, (c/m 18 July 1739.[3] He d. on 11 March 1787), and had issue.
  9. Anna Abercromby, bap. on 17 January 1719 and d. young.

George Abercromby, 2nd of Tullibody, bap. at Tullibody on 8 July 1705, succeeded his father and was served heir to him on 24 July 1753.[4] He m. on 21 April 1726, to Mary, daughter of Ralph Dundas of Manor,[5] d. on 8 June 1800[6] and was father of :

  1. George Abercromby, bap. on 25 December 1726 and dsp.
  2. Sir Ralph Abercromby, 3rd of Tullibody, (see below).
  3. Sir Robert Abercromby of Airthrey, bap. on 13 October 1740 and was admitted apprentice to Robert Smith, Apothecary in Edinburgh, on 9 June 1756,[7] but this was broken off and, instead, he entered the army as Ensign in the 44th Regiment of Foot on 21 July 1758. He obtained a Lieutenancy on 19 April 1759, and was raised to Captain of that same company on 12 December 1761. After many years of service he was raised to General on 29 April 1802, and was appointed Governor of Edinburgh Castle on 21 August 1806. He was served heir to his brother Burnet firstly, on 13 December 1792,[8] then as heir to him in the lands of Easter Bath, in the parish of Culross, on 10 May 1806,[9] and dsp at Airthrey on Saturday 3 November 1827.[10]
  4. Alexander Abercromby, bap. on 15 October 1745 and was appointed a Lord of Session as Lord Abercromby on 2 June 1792. He dsp at Exmouth on 17 November 1795.[11]
  5. Burnet Abercromby, who was served heir to his uncle, James Abercromby of Brucefield, on 9 February 1776,[12] and dsp before 18 December 1792, when his brother, Sir Robert, was served heir to him.[13]
  6. Helen Abercromby, bap. at Alloa on 25 December 1726 and m. on 6 June 1754, to Robert Bruce, Lord Kennet,[14] (he d. on 8 April 1785). They had issue.
  7. Rachel Abercromby, bap. at Alloa on 18 April 1743.
  8. Mary Abercromby, m. at Tullibody, on 22 March 1766, to Colonel James Edmonstone of Newton,[15] and had issue.
  9. Elizabeth Abercromby, b. on 1 February 1738 and m. at Stirling, on 28 December 1767, to Major Alexander Joass, Governor of Stirling Castle,[16] (he d. on 27 November 1794). She d. at Edinburgh, on 19 December 1814.[17]

Sir Ralph Abercromby, 3rd of Tullibody, succeeded his father in 1800 and was created Lord Aboukir and Tullibody in recognition of his military service with remainder to himself and the heirs male of his body. He d. on 28 March 1801, of wounds received at the battle of Alexandria, having m. on 14 November 1767, to Mary Anne, second daughter of Captain John Menzies of Comrie.[18] He was father of,

  1. George Abercromby, 4th of Tullibody, (see below).
  2. Sir John Abercromby, bap. on 2 April 1772, attained the rank of General in the army and dsp at Marseilles, France, on 14 February 1817.[19] His brother, George Abercromby of Tullibody, was served heir to him in the lands of Pendreich and Logie on 5 January 1818.[20]
  3. James Abercromby, 1st Lord Dunfermline, b. on 7 November 1776 and studied law at Lincoln’s Inn. He was appointed Speaker in the House of Commons and created Lord Dunfermline in 1839. He m. at London, on 14 June 1802, to Marianne, daughter of Egerton Leigh of West Hall,[21] (she survived him and d. at Colinton House, on 2 August 1874[22]), and d. at Colinton House, near Edinburgh, on Saturday 17 April 1858.[23] He had issue (see full version).
  4. Alexander Abercromby, b. and bap. on 4 March 1784, entered the army and was raised to Lieutenant-Colonel. He dsp on 27 August 1853.
  5. Ann Abercromby, bap. on 3 October 1768.
  6. Mary Abercromby, bap. on 30 August 1773. She and her sister Catherine were served heirs to their uncle, Mr. Alexander Abercromby, Lord of Session, on 12 April 1796,[26] and d. unmarried, at Edinburgh, on 17 April 1825.[27]
  7. Catherine Abercromby, bap. on 7 December 1780 and m. at London, on 31 December 1811, to Thomas Buchanan of Powis, second son of John Buchanan of Auchlessie,[28] (he d. at Edinburgh on 12 May 1842[29]). She d. on Friday 7 May 1841.[30]
  8. Ann Abercromby, m. at Edinburgh, on Thursday 23 April 1795, to Donald Cameron of Lochiel,[31] (he d. at Toulous, France, on 14 September 1832[32]), and d. on 7 May 1841. They had issue.

George Abercromby, 2nd Lord Aboukir and Tullibody, bap. on 17 October 1770, and was served heir to his father, Sir Ralph Abercromby and his grandfather George Abercromby of Tullibody, in the lands of Tullibody on 9 November 1802.[33] He m. at Edinburgh, on Friday 25 January 1799, to Montagu, daughter of Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville,[34] (she was b. on 29 April 1772, and d. on 10 March 1837). He d. at Airthrey Castle, on Wednesday 15 February 1843[35] and was father of :

  1. George Abercromby, 5th of Tullibody, (see below).
  2. Montagu Abercromby, bap. on 23 June 1807 and m. at Edinburgh, on 25 March 1831, to Fox Maule-Ramsay, Earl of Dalhousie.[36] She d. at Pitfour Castle on 11 November 1853,[37] and had issue.
  3. Mary Anne Abercromby, b. on 7 December 1811 and m. at St. James, Westminster, on 13 July 1857, to Nicholas Robert Brown.[38] She d. at Westminster, on 24 September 1898.

George Ralph Abercromby, 3rd Lord Aboukir and 5th of Tullibody, b. on 30 May 1800, succeeded his father and was served heir to him in the lands of Tullibody, and others, on 23 June 1843.[39] He m. at Ainslie Place, Edinburgh, on 3 April 1832, to Louisa Penuel, daughter of John Hay Forbes of Medwyn and Senator of the College of Justice,[40] (she survived him and d. at Chapel Street, London, on 21 April 1882[41]), d. at Airthrey Castle, on Friday 25 June 1852[42] and was father of :

  1. George Ralph Abercromby, 4th Lord Aboukir & 6th of Tullibody, b. on 23rd September 1838, succeeded his father on his death in 1852 and was served heir to him in the lands of Tullibody, and others, on 4 July 1853.[43] He m. at Camperdown House, on 6 October 1858, to Julia Georgiana, daughter of Adam Haldane-Duncan, 2nd Earl of Camperdown,[44] (she d. at Camperdown House, on 8 December 1915[45]), and dsp at London, on Tuesday 30 October 1917.[46]
  2. John Abercromby, 5th Lord Aboukir & Tullibody, b. on 15 January 1841 and although entering the army and serving for just under two decades, he preferred a quiet life of study, and retired from service and became a well-known scholar of pre-history. He m. at the Episcopal Church, Athens, Greece, on 12 September 1876, to Adele Wilhelmine, daughter of Charles von Heidenstam, the Swedish Legate to the Greek court, from whom he was divorced on 18 July 1879,[47] and d. at Palmerston Place, Edinburgh, on 7 October 1924,[48] when, there being no heir male of the body of the 1st Lord, the title became extinct. He had issue, (see full version).
  3. Ralph Abercromby, b. on 11 February 1842 and served as a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy. He dsp at Sydney, Australia, on 21 June 1897.[49]
  4. Louisa Abercromby, bap. on 29 November, 1833.
  5. Montagu Abercromby, b. on 11 August and bap. on 2 October 1835. She m. on 29 April 1856, to George Frederick Boyle, brother of the Earl of Glasgow,[50] (he d. at Edinburgh on 23 April 1890).




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