b. = born

bap. = baptised

c. = christened

c/m = marriage contract

d. = died

d. vita patris = died in the father's lifetime

dsp(decessit sine prole) died without issue

m. = married

This is a snippet view only and any information relating to descendants of younger sons has been removed.




Peter Arnot, had the rental of the quarter part of the Crown lands of Kingsbarns in 1508, and is then styled son to Robert Arnot of Woodmiln.[1] He m. Helen, daughter and co-heiress of Mr. William Abercromby of Balcormo, d. before 6 June 1549, most probably at the battle of Pinkie on 10 September 1547, and was father of :

Peter Arnot of Balcormo, had a charter under the Great Seal for the lands of Balcormo with the turret, fortalice, mills and multures on 6 June 1549 in which he is styled son of Helen Abercromby, relict of Peter Arnot.[2] He m. firstly, Isobel, daughter of George Forrester of Strathendry, (c/m 27 October 1559[3]), and secondly, in 1566, Helen, daughter and co-heiress of John Traill, younger of Blebo, (she d. on 25 February 1607), and was father of :

  1. Robert Arnot of Balcormo, (see below).
  2. James Arnot, was apprenticed to John Cunningham, Goldsmith in Edinburgh, on 9 May 1589[4] and traded with his brother, William, as Goldsmiths near Danzig.
  3. William Arnot, was apprenticed to George Heriot, Goldsmith in Edinburgh, for seven years on 17 February 1586.[5]
  4. George Arnot,
  5. John Arnot, was appointed Commisary Clerk of St. Andrews, and d. in February of 1648.[6] He had issue, (see full version).
  6. Stephen Arnot, who obtained the lands of Pettening Easter and had a disposition for various lands around Perth from Katherine Chalmers who styles him her brother-in-law in July of 1573 and May of 1575. He d. by March of 1599 and had issue, (see full version).
  7. Thomas Arnot,
  8. Peter Arnot, who was a witness, with his father, to a charter in favour of Isobel Dury for the lands of Grangemuir dated 6 May 1591.[15]
  9. Elizabeth Arnot, m. firstly, to David Lentron of Newgrange, and secondly, Patrick Lindsay, son of John Lindsay, Merchant in Cupar, fourth son of William Lindsay, 1st of Pyotston.

Robert Arnot of Balcormo, succeeded his father in the lands of Balcormo and m. Sarah, daughter of Patrick Kinninmont of Callinch, (c/m 9 June 1593[16]). He was living in October 1623, when he resigned the fee of the lands of Balcormo to his eldest son and heir, John, reserving the liferent to himself, and was father of :

  1. John Arnot of Balcormo, (see below).
  2. Alexander Arnot,
  3. James Arnot,
  4. Robert Arnot,
  5. Thomas Arnot,
  6. Helen Arnot,
  7. Katherine Arnot,

John Arnot of Balcormo, m. Lilias, daughter of Alexander Spense of Lathallan, (c/m 13 October 1623[17]), with whom he had a charter for the fee of the lands of Balcormo from his father in implementation of their marriage contract in October of 1623. He was father of :

  1. Alexander Arnot of Balcormo, succeeded his father and had a charter for Balcormo in 1670. He dsp before 2 November 1675 when his nephew John Arnot was served heir to him.
  2. John Arnot, m. Marion Lucklaw and d. vita patris by 1673,[18] being father of :
  3. John Arnot of Balcormo, (see below).
  4. Catherine Arnot,

John Arnot of Balcormo, bap. at Kilconquhar on 4 December 1649,  succeeded his uncle, Alexander Arnot of Balcormo, and was served heir to him in the lands of Balcormo on 2 November 1675.[19] He m. Isabel, daughter of Captain David Brown, in Wester Wemyss,[20] (she was served heir to her brother David Brown, on 9 August 1682[21]), and was father of:

  1. John Arnot, who dsp aged nineteen years.
  2. Hugh Arnot of Balcormo, (see below).

Hugo Arnot of Balcormo, succeeded his father, became a physician and m. on 22 August 1704, Christian, daughter of James Cook.[22] He d. at Balcormo on 29 June 1768,[23] aged 80 years, and was father of :

  1. John Arnot, bap. at Anstruther, on 15 February 1707 and dsp.
  2. James Arnot, bap. at Anstruther, on 9 August 1708 and dsp.
  3. Isobel Arnot, bap. at Anstruther, on 23 July 1709 and dsp.
  4. Christian Arnot, (see below).

Christian Arnot of Balcormo, bap. at Carnbee, on 14 December 1710 and m. on 10 March 1746, to Duncan Pollock, Merchant and Ship-Owner in Leith.[24] She d. on 5 December 1773[25] having had issue :

Hugo Pollock Arnot of Balcormo, b. on 8th and bap. at Edinburgh, on 17 December 1749 and assumed the surname of Arnot upon succeeding to his mother’s estate. He was admitted a member of the Faculty of Advocates on 5 December 1772 and was a well-known writer and antiquarian. He m. on 18 July 1776, Margaret, daughter of William Bennet, (she survived him and d. at Edinburgh, on 12 November 1826[26]), d. at Edinburgh on 20 November 1786[27] and was father of :

  1. Hugo Arnot, bap. at Carnbee on 14 July 1772 and d. in infancy.
  2. Hugo Arnot of Balcormo, (see below).
  3. John Arnot, bap. at Carnbee on 20 December 1776 and d. unmarried.
  4. Laurence Arnot, bap. at Carnbee on 3 April 1781, entered the army and served as a Major in the 92nd Line and 12th Portuguese. He d. on 27 August 1813 of wounds received at the battle of Vittoria on 28th July. Of his conduct on the day it is reported : Although he was still suffering from wounds so severe, in the breast, the arm, and the neck, that in the opinion of the Medical Board, he was disabled from further service, his characteristic intrepidity carried him again to the field, where he received a fatal wound at the head of the 12th Portuguese, which regiment likewise behaved so gallantly under his command at the battle of Salamanca, that he received public thanks for his conduct.[28]
  5. Bennet Arnot, bap. at Carnbee on 24 May 1786 and d. unmarried.
  6. Christian Arnot, bap. at Carnbee on 30 May 1771, m. at Edinburgh on 23 July 1801, to Dr. Peter Reid,[29] (he d. in1838), and d. at Woolwich on 15 January 1852,[30] with issue, (see full version).
  7. Margaret Arnot, bap. at Carnbee on 19 October 1774 and m. in 1796, to Samuel Tyler, Barrister.
  8. Lilias Arnot, bap. at Carnbee on 25 October 1778 and m. at Westminster in October of 1803, to Aysbury Dickins[38] by whom she had issue.
  9. Jean Arnot, bap. at Carnbee on 3 April 1784 and d. unmarried.

Hugo Arnot of Balcormo, bap. at Carnbee on 30 July 1773 and was served heir to his father in the lands of Balcormo on 25 November 1819.[39] He d. on 9 May 1838,[40] having m. firstly, at Chorley, on 20 February 1797, to Margaret Sigston, (she d. at Chorley, on 10 December 1819[41]), by whom he had issue :

  1. Hugo Robert Arnot, b. on 5 December 1797 and dsp.
  2. Margaret Arnot, a twin with Hugo, and was b. on 5 December 1797 and d. unmarried at Leamington, on 1 January 1882.[42]
  3. Mary Arnot, bap. at Saint Cuthbert’s, Edinburgh, on 7 November 1801 and d. at Knutford, on 25 October 1809.[43]

He m. secondly, in December of 1826, to Mary Anne Murray[44] and had further issue :

  1. Charles Edward Arnot, b. on 28 January 1828 and dsp at Sydney, Australia, on 19 April 1881.[45]
  2. Marianne Agnes Arnot of Balcormo, b. on 7 March 1831 and succeeded to the lands of Balcormo. She d. unmarried at Leamington, on 12 March 1907.[46]




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