b. = born

bap. = baptised

c. = christened

c/m = marriage contract

d. = died

d. vita patris = died in the father's lifetime

dsp(decessit sine prole) died without issue

m. = married

This is a snippet view only and any information relating to descendants of younger sons has been removed.


OF WOODMILN (1st Family)

Robert de Arnot of Woodmiln, had a charter for the lands of Woodmiln under the Great Seal on 11 March 1510 in which he is styled brother to John de Arnot of that Ilk.[1] He m. Janet Balvaird, was k. at the battle of Flodden in September of 1513, having supplied sixteen oxen to pull the war machines there for the siege of Norham castle and supplying the camp at Flodden,[2] and was father of :

  1. Robert Arnot, 2nd of Woodmiln, (see below).
  2. Peter Arnot, had the rental of the quarter part of the Crown lands of Kingsbarns in 1508 and is then styled son to Robert Arnot of Woodmiln.[3] He had issue, (see Arnot of Balcormo).

Robert Arnot, 2nd of Woodmiln, succeeded his father on his death at Flodden and had Sasine for the lands of Woodmiln, with the domicile lands and the mill, on 1 March 1514.[4] He m. Elizabeth, sister and coheiress of Thomas Balcomy of Pinkerton, with whom he had a charter for the lands of Pinkerton which belonged to the said Elizabeth and Isobelle, Margaret, Katherine and Janet Balcomy, sisters and co-heiress of the said Thomas on 7 April 1516.[5] He d. by May of 1558 and was father of :

  1. John Arnot, younger of Woodlmiln, who d. vita patris and was father of,

1a} John Arnot, 3rd of Woodmiln, (see below).

  1. Andrew Arnot,
  2. Elizabeth Arnot,

John Arnot, 3rd of Woodmiln, succeeded to the lands of Woodmiln and was served heir to his grandfather, Robert Arnot of Woodmiln, in the lands of Pincarton on 15 May 1558[6] in which he was infeft on 17 March 1559.[7] He m. Christine, daughter of Andrew Ferny of that Ilk, to whom, in her virginity, he granted a charter for the liferent of the lands of Woodmiln with the manor on 16 March 1552,[8] and d. by November of 1606, when his eldest surviving son, John Arnot, was served heir to him. He was father of :

  1. William Arnot, younger of Woodmiln, the eldest son, was witness to a charter by William Ferny of Foxtoun on 21 September 1573[9] and d. without apparent issue by January 1599, when his brother, John, is styled heir to their father.
  2. John Arnot, 4th of Woodmiln, (see below).
  3. Andrew Arnot, who settled at Kilquhiss and was witness to a charter of resignation by his elder brother John Arnot of Woodmiln of those lands in favour of Sir John Arnot of Berswick on 15 December 1614.[10]
  4. Robert Arnot of Fernie, (see Arnot of Fernie).
  5. Christine Arnot, m. Robert Bruce, son and apparent heir of Thomas Bruce of Larbertschiells, (c/m 2 April 1585[11]).
  6. Margaret Arnot, m. William Blair, younger son of Alexander Blair, 8th of Balthayock, (c/m 14 May 1590[12]).

John Arnot, 4th of Woodmiln, is styled as son and heir of his father in a charter for the lands of Pinkerton in favour of James Hay, Writer to the Signet, dated 26 January 1599. He succeeded his father and was served heir to him, firstly, in the lands of Pitlowie on 5 November 1606[13] and then in those of Woodmiln the following day[14] which he afterwards disponed to Sir John Arnot of Berswick by charter dated 15 December 1614.[15] He m. by 26 January 1599, Elizabeth, daughter of Andrew Aytoun of Dunmure, and was father of :

  1. John Arnot, younger of Woodmiln, (see below).
  2. James Arnot, subscribed to and witnessed a bond of caution that James Ferny, apparent of that Ilk, would not harm James Falconer, spouse of Margaret Bethune, on 26 September 1606.[16]

John Arnot, younger of Woodmiln, Friarton & Pitlowie, who, with the consent of his father sold the lands of Woodmiln to Sir John Arnot of Berswick, on 15 December 1614,[17] and afterwards held those of Friarton which he disponed, under reversion, to Robert Robertson at the Mill of Stobhall on 21 May 1629.[18] He m. Katherine, daughter of David Murray, 2nd of Letterbannochy, d. before April of 1653 and was father of :

David Arnot of Friarton, succeeded and was served heir to his father in the lands of Friarton on 7 April 1653,[19] which he afterwards disponed and acquired a portion of those of Auchtermuchty. He m. Eupham Fernie and was father of :

William Arnot, is styled son of David Arnot, sometime of Friarton, and with his father, he gave his consent to the disponing of their share in the lands of Capildry to Mr. David Dewar in 1671.




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