Baillie of Jerviswood




George Baillie, 1st of Jerviswood, is styled brother to John Baillie, apparent of St. John’s Kirk, when both appear as witnesses to a charter by James Spittall of Leuchat dated 20 February 1610.[1] He became a Merchant and Burgess in Edinburgh and acquired a portion of the lands of Jerviswood, with the mill and manor there, in Lanarkshire, from Mr. George Douglas of Penyerie by charter dated 21 June 1636.[2] He m. Margaret Johnston,[3] with whom, on his own resignation, they had a conjunct charter under the Great Seal to themselves and to John Baillie, their eldest son, for his lands of Maillerstanes on 20 November 1643,[4] and d. in May 1647.[5] He was father of,

  1. John Baillie, who is included with his parents in their charter for Maillerstanes on 20 November 1648, in which he is styled their eldest son. He dsp before 15 May 1649, when his brother, Robert, was served heir to their father.[6]
  2. Robert Baillie, 2nd of Jerviswood, (see below).
  3. George Baillie, 2nd of Mannerhall, m. Lillias Baillie[7] and was father of,

3a} Robert Baillie of Mannerhall, succeeded and served as a Captain in the army. He was served heir of conquest to his uncle, James Baillie of Mannerhall, on 13 April 1699.[8]

3a} David Baillie, who, on 14 February 1704, was brought before the Privy Council on charges and sentenced to transportation to the colonies.[9]

  1. Archibald Bailie,
  2. James Baillie, 1st of Mannerhall, who is included with his brothers, Mr. Robert Baillie of Jerviswood, George and Archibald, in an apprising of the lands of Barlington by Sir Alexander Don of Newton on 13 February 1668 and are then styled sons of the deceased George Baillie of Mailerstanes.[10] He dsp, his nephew, Captain Robert Baillie of Mannerhall, being served heir of conquest to him on 13 April 1699.[11]
  3. Christian Baillie, bap. at Edinburgh, on 2 July 1630 and m. Joseph Brodie, brother of Sir Alexander Brodie of that Ilk, (c/m 5 March 1657[12]).
  4. Rachel Bailie, bap. at Edinburgh, on 8 November 1633 and m. on 31 March 1654, to Mr. Andrew Gray, Minister of the High Kirk of Glasgow,[13] younger son of William Gray of Pittendrum.

Robert Baillie, 2nd of Jerviswood, bap. at Edinburgh, on 12 March 1635 and is styled second son to George Baillie of Mellerstaines when included in the remainder of a charter by his uncle, Robert Baillie of Welston, granting the lands of Elsrig and Welston to his wife, Mariote Purves, and their son, Christopher, on 14 June 1647.[14] He was served heir to his father in his portion of the lands of Jerviswood on 15 May 1649,[15] then to his eldest brother, John, in those of Mellerstaines, in the sheriffdom of Berwick, on 3 January 1655[16] and is styled eldest son and heir of the deceased George Baillie of Jerviswood in a charter to himself under the Great Seal for the apprised lands of Ednam, and others, dated 12 June 1657.[17] He m. on 20 January 1661, to Rachel, daughter of Sir Archibald Johnston of Wariston,[18] (she survived him and was buried in the Greyfriars, Edinburgh, on 1 February 1697[19]), and was executed at Edinburgh, on 24 December 1684 for various intrigues including involvement in the Rye House Plot to replace King Charles II with James, Duke of Monmouth. He was father of,

  1. George Baillie of Jerviswood, (see below).
  2. Archibald Baillie, b. on 15 April 1665.
  3. Robert Baillie, b. in 1666.
  4. William Baillie, b. on 24 January 1669.
  5. John Baillie, was apprenticed to James Baillie, Merchant in Edinburgh, on 20 May 1691.[20]
  6. James Baillie, was appointed Captain of the Town Guard of Edinburgh[21] and Collector of Customs at Prestonpans. He was buried in the Greyfriars, Edinburgh, on 7 October 1698.[22]
  7. Margaret Baillie, b. on 20 August 1667.
  8. Rachel Baillie, b. on 3 April 1670 and m. Patrick Dundas of Breastmiln.
  9. Helen Baillie, was buried in the Greyfriars, Edinburgh, on 14 December 1672.[23]
  10. Helen Baillie, m. John Hay, Writer in Edinburgh.
  11. Elizabeth Baillie, m. Robert Weymss of Graingemuir and had issue.

George Baillie, 3rd of Jerviswood, b. on 16 March 1664 and fled to Holland on his father’s forfeiture and execution in 1684. When there he joined Prince William of Orange’s Horse Guards whom he accompanied in his invasion of England in 1688. In reward for that support he had his father’s forfeiture rescinded and his estate restored to him, and retaining Royal favour and public trust, he served as a member of the Scottish Parliament from 1693-1707 then, after the Union of 1707, he sat as a Member of Parliament at Westminster from 1707 until eventually retiring in 1734. He m. on 17 September 1691, to Grisel, eldest daughter of Patrick Hume, 1st of Marchmont, (she survived him and d. at London, on 6 December 1746, aged 81 years[24]), and d. at Oxford, in August 1738[25] having had issue;

  1. Robert Baillie, bap. at Edinburgh, on 23 January 1694 and d. young.
  2. Grisel Baillie, m. on 16 August 1710, to Sir Alexander Murray, 3rd Baronet of Stanhope,[26] and dsp on 6 June 1759.
  3. Rachel Baillie, bap. at Edinburgh, on 23 February 1696 and m. on 3 September 1717, to Charles Hamilton, Lord Binning,[27] (c/m 3 September 1717[28]). She was served heir of provision general to her father on 19 August 1741[29] and to her sister, Grisel, in the lands of Mellerstains on 6 November 1759.[30] She d. at Mellerstaine, on 24 March 1773,[31] having had issue, including a second son;

3a} George Hamilton or Baillie of Jerviswood, who assumed the surname and arms of Baillie of Jerviswood and succeeded his maternal grandfather at his death in 1738. He had issue, (see Hamilton of Binning and Haddington).




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