b. = born

bap. = baptised

c. = christened

c/m = marriage contract

d. = died

d. vita patris = died in the father's lifetime

dsp(decessit sine prole) died without issue

m. = married

This is a snippet view only and any information relating to descendants of younger sons has been removed.




David Davidson, 1st of Cantry, b. in 1720/21 and became a successful merchant in London. Settling back in Scotland he purchased the lands of Cantray, near Inverness, from Dallas of Cantray by Disposition dated 2 February 1768. He m. on 9 November 1785, to Mary Cuthbert,[1] (she survived him and d. at Cantray, on 29 September 1804[2]), d. on 22 October 1803, in his 84th year,[3] and was father of,

Sir David Davidson, 2nd of Cantry, b. on 20 July 1788 and succeeded his father, being served heir to him in part of the castle lands of Inverness on 20 March 1804.[4] He m. at Kilravock Castle, on 12 December 1804, to Margaret, daughter of Hugh Rose of Brae,[5] and d. at Cantray on 28 March 1816.[6] He was father of,

  1. David Davidson, 3rd of Cantray, b. on 9 October 1805, succeeded his father and was served heir to him in the lands of Croy and Clava on 28 July 1817.[7] He dsp at Edinburgh on 14 April 1824[8] and was succeeded by his brother, Hugh.
  2. Hugh Davidson, 4th of Cantry, (see below).
  3. Francis Russell Davidson, b. on 24 May 1810 and entered the Bengal Civil Service, becoming Collector and Magistrate of Saharunpore. He d. unmarried, at Landour, on 9 July 1848 from injuries received from falling off a precipice.[9]
  4. Cuthbert Davidson, b. on 24 May 1810 and went out to Calcutta as a military cadet in 1826, serving as Captain, then Colonel in the 4th Nizam’s Cavalry. He d. at Hydrabad, on 2 August 1862 having m. firstly, at Benares, on 8 December 1834, to Anna Maria, daughter of George Mainwaring,[10] Bengal Civil Service, (she d. at Hyderabad, on 8 June 1854[11]), by whom he had issue ; and secondly, at Hyderabad, on 27 October 1857, to Ellen Eliza, daughter of Captain William Hore, Bengal Army,[12] (she survived him and d. at Lewisham, on 24 January 1878[13]), by whom he had further issue. He had issue, (see full version).
  5. Margaret Davidson, b. on 20 March 1808 and m. firstly, on 11 August 1829, to Sir Robert Grant, Governor of Bombay, by whom she had issue ; and secondly, to Joscelyn William Percy.

Hugh Cochrane Davidson, 4th of Cantray, b. on 20 April 1809 and succeeded his brother, David, being served heir to him in the lands of Croy and Clava on 1 April 1824.[19] He m. at Howth Church, on 19 August 1830, to Maria, daughter of Colonel Grogan, Seafield, Co. Dublin,[20] (she survived him and m. secondly, at the Holy Trinity Church, Brompton, on 14 May 1853, to Edward C. Hakewell[21]), and d. on Friday 3 July 1846.[22] He was father of,

  1. Hugh Grogan Davidson, 5th of Cantray, (see below).
  2. Cuthbert John Davidson, b. on 13 August 1839 and was lost on board the Dunbar off Sydney Harbour on the night of 20 August 1857.[23]
  3. Margaret Davidson, b. on 16 January 1832 and m. at St. John’s Chapel, Edinburgh, on 1 June 1849, to Alexander Robertson of Balgownie Lodge.[24]
  4. Catherine Jane Davidson, b. on 15 December 1834 and m. at the Residency, Hydrabad, on 8 December 1852, to Captain Hastings Fraser of Ardochie.[25] She d. at Bank Street, Inverness, on 21 March 1869.[26]
  5. Frances Harriet Davidson, b. on 20 June 1836 and d. at the Residency, Hydrabad, on 20 September 1854.[27]
  6. Maria Anne Elizabeth Davidson, b. on 17 June 1843 and m. Colonel Allan Scott, Royal Artillery. She d. at Rue d’Arlau, Brussels, on 7 January 1880.[28]

Hugh Grogan Davidson, 5th of Cantray, b. at Dublin, on 18 December 1833,[29] succeeded his father and was served heir to him in the lands of Cantry, Clava and Croy on 24 April 1848.[30] He m. at St. Mary’s Church, Poona, on 18 December 1854, to Caroline Charlotte, daughter of Colonel Stratford Powell, Adjutant-General of the Bombay Army,[31] d. on 13 September 1889[32] and was father of,

  1. Hugh Davidson, 6th of Cantray, (see below).
  2. Clara Davidson,

Hugh Davidson, 6th of Cantray, b. on 14 April 1857 and succeeded his father in 1889. He m. at Inverness Cathedral, on 1 February 1890, to Harriet King, fifth daughter of Roderick Hugonin of Kinmylies,[33] d. at Cantray on 21 April 1910[34] and was father of an only child;

Edith May Davidson of Cantray, b. at Rhysnant Hall, near Oswestry, on 2 June 1892 and succeeded on her father’s death in 1910. She sold her lands of Clava in 1926, followed by those of Cantray which were purchased by Captain Oldfield of Coull in 1931, the old mansion house there having previously been entirely destroyed by fire on Saturday 1 October 1921.[35]




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