b. = born

bap. = baptised

c. = christened

c/m = marriage contract

d. = died

d. vita patris = died in the father's lifetime

dsp(decessit sine prole) died without issue

m. = married




Archibald Dickson of Sornbegg, is named as grandfather to Sir Robert Dickson, 2nd Baronet, when that person was infeft as heir to him in lands in the Burgh of Irvine on 27 March 1714.[1] He was father of,

  1. Sir Robert Dickson of Sornbegg and Inveresk, 1st Baronet, (see below).
  2. Anna Dickson, m. at Edinburgh, on 2 February 1704, to Henry Hepburn, Apothecary in Edinburgh, third son of David Hepburn of Humbie.[2]

Sir Robert Dickson of Sornbegg and Inveresk, 1st Baronet, acquired a considerable estate for himself which included the lands of Smeaton, Inveresk and Corstorphine and was created a Baronet on 28 February 1695. He m. Helen, daughter of Sir John Colquhoun, 2nd Baronet of Luss, (c/m 31 January 1693), d. in October 1711[3] and was father of,

  1. Sir Robert Dickson of Inveresk and Carberry, 2nd Baronet, (see below).
  2. John Dickson, bap. at Edinburgh, on 20 December 1695.
  3. David Dickson, bap. at Edinburgh, on 19 December 1702.
  4. Margaret Dickson, bap. at Edinburgh, on 16 November 1693 and m. at Edinburgh, on 10 June 1713, to Patrick Grant, Lord Elchies and Senator of the College of Justice.[4] She d. on 8 December 1746,[5] having had issue.
  5. Mary Dickson, bap. at Edinburgh, on 25 November 1696 and m. firstly, at Edinburgh, on 14 April 1717, to Dr. Robert Thomson, Physician in Edinburgh, at Edinburgh,[6] by whom she had issue. She m. secondly, on 21 June 1719, to Adam Durham of Lufness,[7] (he was widow of Margaret, daughter of David Pringle, Surgeon in Edinburgh, and also of Katherine, daughter of Colonel Robert Sinclair), by whom she had further issue.
  6. Lilias Dickson, bap. Edinburgh, on 24 December 1697.
  7. Helen Dickson, bap. at Edinburgh, on 22 December 1698.
  8. Magdalen Dickson, bap. at Corstorphine, on 5 November 1707.

Sir Robert Dickson of inveresk and Carberry, 2nd Baronet, bap. at Edinburgh, on 19 November 1694, succeeded his father and was served heir special to him in the lands of Corstorphine, Smeaton, Inveresk and Mill of Musselburgh on 20 April 1712.[8] He was infeft in the lands of Hiemyre, in the Burgh of Irvine, as heir to his grandfather, Archibald Dickson, on 27 March 1714[9] which he disponed to Hugh Montgomery of Broomlands on 1 February 1716. He m. on 2 January 1718, to Isobel, daughter of William Douglas of Dornoch,[10] d. on Friday 1 February 1760[11] and was father of,

  1. Robert Dickson, b. on 3 October 1722 and dsp vita patris. His sisters, Helen, Margaret and Ann, were served heirs portioners to him on 21 July 1778.[12]
  2. Helen Dickson, b. on 26 December 1719 and d. unmarried, at Edinburgh, on 19 July 1796.[13]
  3. Margaret Dickson, b. on 14 August 1721.
  4. Ann Dickson, b. on 18 February 1724 and d. unmarried, on 15 July 1795.[14]




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