b. = born

bap. = baptised

c. = christened

c/m = marriage contract

d. = died

d. vita patris = died in the father's lifetime

dsp(decessit sine prole) died without issue

m. = married




George Paterson of Cunnoquhie, of uncertain ancestry, was a respected architect and m. Charlotte, daughter and co-heir of James Arnot of Cunnoquhie. He d. at Cunnoquhie, on 26 February 1789[1] and was father of,

  1. George Paterson of Cunnoquhie, (see below).
  2. Frances Paterson, m. at Cunnoquhie, on 17 October 1805, to William Lindsay, 3rd of Feddinch,[2] (he dsp at Feddinch, on 31 March 1841[3]), and dsp at Feddinch, on 15 June 1837.[4]

George Paterson of Cunnoquhie, succeeded on his father’s death and was served heir to him on 35 September 1789.[5] He was also served an heir portioner to his maternal aunt, Euphemia Arnot, daughter of James Arnot of Cunnoquhie, and wife of William Reoch, wright in Edinburgh, on 18 May 1810.[6] He m. on 31 December 1805, to Moncrieff, daughter of William Lindsay, 2nd of Feddinch,[7] d. at Cunnoquhie, on 12 April 1839[8] and was father of,

  1. George Paterson, b. on 12 July 1817 and was served heir to his father in a provision on 20 June 1839.[9] He dsp at Cunnoquhie House, on 22 May 1842.[10]
  2. William Lindsay Paterson of Cunnoquhie, (see below).
  3. Charlotte Paterson, b. on 31 December 1806 and m. at Cunnoquhie, on 24 October 1837, to Charles Kinnear of Kinnear,[11] (he d. at Kinloch, in Fife, on 9 April 1874[12]).
  4. Elizabeth Paterson, b. on 26 March 1808 and m. at Cunnoquhie, on 28 October 1841, to James Lindsay of Feddinch.[13]
  5. Moncrieff Paterson, b. on 27 October 1809 and m. on 28 October 1834, to Rev. Arthur B. Mesham.[14]
  6. Frances Paterson, b. in 1812 and settled in North Leith. She d. unmarried.
  7. Agnes Paterson, b. on 20 January 1813 and m. at Cunnoquhie House, on 23 September 1846, to William Pitcairn, M.D. in the H.E.I.C.S.,[15] and son of Alexander Pitcairn of Picullo, (he d. when riding back to Cunnoquhie, on Thursday, 1st August 1872[16]). She d. at Weston-super-Mare, on 9 August 1898,[17] having had issue.
  8. Cecilia Paterson, b. on 22 January 1815 and m. at Cunnoquhie House, on 2 October 1845, to John Pitcairn, eldest son and heir of Alexander Pitcairn of Pitcullo,[18] (he d. at Pitcullo, on 10 July 1876[19]). She d. at Pitcullo, on 23 April 1897.[20]
  9. Catherine Paterson, b. in 1818 and settled at Silverton, Trinity Road, North Leith. She d. unmarried.
  10. Euphemia Paterson, b. on 3 August 1821 and m. at Glasgow, on 12 May 1846, to Rev. William Leitch, of Monimail.[21]

William Lindsay Paterson of Cunnoquhie, b. on 18 January 1826, succeeded his father and was served heir to him in the lands of Cunnoquhie on 17 April 1843.[22] He dsp at Cunnoquhie House, on 11 December 1858.[23]




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