b. = born

bap. = baptised

c. = christened

c/m = marriage contract

d. = died

d. vita patris = died in the father's lifetime

dsp(decessit sine prole) died without issue

m. = married




Alexander Porterfield of Fullwood, acquired the lands of Meikle Fullwood for which he had a confirmation under the Great Seal on 10 February 1688[1] and is included in an entail by Alexander Porterfield of Porterfield, to whom he is styled uncle, on 5 November 1742. He m. Marion, daughter of Alexander Cunningham of Craigends, and was father of,

  1. John Porterfield, younger of Fullwood, was admitted an Advocate and m. at Edinburgh, on 11 July 1721, to Jean, daughter of Alexander Finlayson, Writer in Edinburgh,[2] (she survived him and d. at Cameron House, in November 1782[3]). He d. by 16 May 1738 and was father of,

1a} Alexander Porterfield, b. on 2 March 1723 and d. in infancy.

1a} Alexander Porterfield, bap. at Edinburgh, on 26 June 1724 and d. young.

1a} John Porterfield, bap. at Edinburgh, on 10 June 1726 and d. young.

1a} William Porterfield, dsp before 16 May 1738 when his uncle, Alexander Porterfield, was served heir male to him.

1a} Mary Porterfield, b. on 19 June 1722 and m. on 11 August 1750, to John Lockhart of Lee,[4] (he was widow of Jean, daughter and heirs of Robert Alexander of Blackwood, whom he had m. on 2 April 1732.[5] He dsp on 24 May 1775[6]). She dsp at Lee, on 22 July 1797.[7]

1a} Ann Porterfield, b. on 14 May 1732

1a} Catherine Porterfield, m. on 12 January 1755, to Sir William Lockhart, Baronet, of Carstairs,[8] and had issue.

1a} Janet Porterfield,

1a} Marion Porterfield. She and her sisters, Catherine, Janet, Mary and Marion, were served heirs to their mother, firstly, on 15 September 1786[9] then she and her two sisters, Janet and Catherine, were served heirs portioners to her again on 21 October 1801.[10] She m. on 24 February 1751, to Archibald Bertram of Nisbet,[11] (c/m 25-26 February 1751.[12] He d. at London, on 25 September 1768[13]), and d. at Lanark, on 11 December 1815, in her 85th year,[14] having had issue.

  1. Alexander Porterfield of Fullwood, (see below).

Alexander Porterfield of Fullwood, succeeded and was served heir male to his nephew, William Porterfield, and his brother, John Porterfield, younger of Fullwood, on 16 May 1738.[15] He had a charter of confirmation for the lands of Fullwood under the Great Seal on 23 February 1761[16] but being burdened with debts, they were exposed for public sale in 1775.




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