b. = born

bap. = baptised

c. = christened

c/m = marriage contract

d. = died

d. vita patris = died in the father's lifetime

dsp(decessit sine prole) died without issue

m. = married




James Stewart, 1st of Torrance, was a younger son of Sir Archibald Stewart of Castlemilk, and is styled such when he and his sister, Jane, were infeft on their father’s resignation, in the lands of Nether Castleton on 31 September 1658.[1] He acquired the lands of Murray and Headhouse, comprising one-third of the Common of Kilbryde, with the office of hereditary Serjeant and Coroner of Kilbrdie, by apprising from James Hamilton of Torrance, all of which  was confirmed to him under the Great Seal on 2 August 1662.[2] He m. Marion, daughter of Colin Campbell of Blythswood, (she d. in November 1667[3]), and was father of,

  1. Alexander Stewart, 2nd of Torrance, (see below).
  2. Henry Stewart, bap. on 1 September 1688.

Alexander Stewart, 2nd of Torrance, b. in 1654, succeeded his father and had a charter under the Great Seal for the lands of Torrance on 6 March 1685. He m. Isabel, daughter of Sir Patrick Nisbet, 1st Baronet of Dean, with whom, on his father’s resignation, and in implementation of their marriage contract, he was jointly infeft with her in the lands of Torrance on 1 December 1681,[4] and d. at Torrance, on 31 January 1733, aged 79 years.[5] He was father of,

  1. James Stewart, 3rd of Torrance, served as a Colonel in the 3rd Regiment of Guards and was a Gentleman Usher to the King. He succeeded his father in his estate, to whom he was served heir on 17 September 1735,[6] and dsp on 3 April 1743.[7]
  2. Patrick Stewart, 4th of Torrance, served as a Captain in the Royal Regiment of Foot and was severely wounded at the battle of Hochse in 1704. He succeeded his brother, James, in 1743, to whom he was served heir in the lands of Torrance on 11 May of that year,[8] and dsp at Torrance, on Monday 7 July 1760.[9] He was succeeded by his brother, Archibald.
  3. Archibald Stewart, 5th of Torrance, (see below).
  4. Agnes Stewart, m. Matthew Crawford, Merchant in Glasgow and Edinburgh, (c/m 28 April 1705. He survived her and m. secondly, at Edinburgh, on 17 August 1712, to Esther, daughter and coheir of William Fletcher, 3rd of New Cranston[10]).
  5. Margaret Stewart, m. Alexander Inglis alias Hamilton of Murdiston.[11]
  6. Christian Stewart, m. Sir William Maxwell of Calderwood and had issue.

Archibald Stewart, 5th of Torrance, succeeded his brother, Patrick, on his death in 1760 and was served heir male and of line to him in the lands of Mains of Kilbride, Hillflat, West Rogerton, Brousterland, Kilbride and others, all in Lanarkshire, on 17 April 1761.[12] He m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Andrew Myrton, 1st Baronet of Gogar, (she survived him and d. at Torrance, on 12 October 1772[13]), d. at Torrance, on Monday 9 November 1767, in the 76th year of his age,[14] and was father of

  1. Alexander Stewart, 6th of Torrance, succeeded his father and was served heir to him in the lands of Kilbride, and others, on 15 March 1768.[15] He m. at Northfield, on 1 September 1768, to Elizabeth, only child of John Nisbet of Northfield,[16] (she survived him and d. at Greehall, on 1 June 1812[17]), and dsp, being succeeded by his brother, Andrew.
  2. Andrew Stewart, 7th of Torrance, (see below).
  3. Jane Stewart, m. on 6 September 1744, to Thomas Cochrane 8th Earl of Dundonald, and d. at Portman Square, London, on 21 March 1808.[18]
  4. Elizabeth Stewart, m. William Binning, eldest son of Charles Binning, Advocate, (he d. vita patris at Kelso, on 30 August 1751[19]), having had issue.
  5. Isobel Stewart, b. on 25 May 1724 and m. firstly, on 9 January 1743, to George MacKenzie, only son of Sir James MacKenzie of Royston.[20] She m. secondly, at Edinburgh, on 3 October 1748, to Sir Robert Henderson, 4th Baronet of Fordell, (c/m 3 October 1748.[21] He d. at Fordell, on 19 October 1781[22]), and d. at Fordell, on 16 August 1796.[23]

Andrew Stewart, 7th of Torrance and Castlemilk, succeeded his brother, Alexander, and was served heir of provision general to him on 4 January 1797.[24] He was also served heir of taillie to his cousin, Sir John Stewart of Castlemilk, Baronet, on 26 April of that same year.[25] He m. at Edinburgh, on 9 October 1790, to Margaret, daughter and coheir of Sir William Stirling, 4th Baronet of Ardoch,[26] (she survived him and m. secondly, at Dundas Castle, on 3 January 1804, to Sir William Johnstone Pultney, third son of Sir James Johnstone Pultney of Westerhall.[27] She d. at Piccadilly, London, on 1 November 1849[28]), d. on 18 May 1801[29] and was father of,

  1. Archibald Stewart, b. on 9 October 1792 and d. young.
  2. Christina Ann Stewart, 8th of Torrance, succeeded her father and was served heir to him in the lands of Kilbride, and others, on 8 December 1802.[30] She d. unmarried, at Grove Terrace, Kentish Town, London, on 24 March 1879, aged 88 years,[31] and was succeeded by her nephew, Robert Stuart Harington.
  3. Elizabeth Stewart, who dsp.
  4. Charlotte Stewart, m. at St. George’s, Hanover Square, London, on Saturday 10 July 1830, to Captain Robert Harington, youngest son of Sir John Edward Harington, Baronet,[32] (he d. at Crutherland, on 18 March 1854[33]), and had issue;

4a} Robert Edward Stuart Harington-Stuart of Torrance, b. on 9 November 1834 and succeeded to the lands of Torrance. He m. firstly, at St. George’s, Hanover Square, London, on 28 April 1863, to Louisa Alice, second daughter of Robert Arthur Arundell,[34] and, secondly, at St. Peter’s, Eaton Square, London, on 7 October 1902, to Alice Sidney, daughter of Henry Robert Madocks, Eaton Place, London,[35] and d. at London, on 27 December 1911.[36]

4a} Alexander Stuart Harington, b. on 6 May 1839 and served in the Rifle Brigade. He m. at St. George’s, Hanover Square, London, on 11 December 1875, to Eleanore, only daughter of Richard Carmichael Bourne, 3rd Dragoon Guards,[37] (she was widow of Thomas Walker, of Eastwood Hall), and d. at The Beeches, Eastgrinstead, on 2 September 1878.[38]

4a} Susan Harington, b. on 15 November 1831 and m. at Torrance Lodge, on 27 October 1865, to Colonel James Davidson, 1st Lanarkshire Militia.[39] She d. on 6 November 1911.[40]




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