The Mure of Rowallan Baronetcy

The Mure of Rowallan “Baronetcy”   Occasionally within what are expected to be uncomplicated, dry, uninspiring items of evidence something curious is stumbled upon. Such was the case with the […]

John Stewart, last of Annat.

      The fate of the last of the senior male line of the Stewarts of Annat, John Stewart of Annat, has long been shrouded in uncertainty, principally because […]

Nisbet of Newtonlees

  That William Nisbet, portioner of Newtonlees, was a younger son of Nisbet of that Ilk appears to have become somewhat of a generally accepted fact the basis for which […]

Belsches of Invermay

On 17 December 1744, Alexander Belsches of Invermay granted a Bond of Provision to his fives sons, James, William, Robert, Patrick and Hugh, by his late second wife, Margaret Clerk, […]

Misc. Research Notes. No. 8.

NRS Register of Deeds First Series, RD1/9/abstracts. 9. Contract between Archibald, Earl of Argyle, having the ward and relief of all of the lands of umquhille William MacLeod of Dunvegan, […]

Misc. research Notes No. 7.

1. Testament of the deceased William Reidheugh of Aberlednock who died upon the 27 February 1572, given up by himself upon the 27th day foresaid at Colquhalzie before these witnesses: […]

Misc Research Notes No. 6.

RD1/3/286. Contract of marriage between James Wood of Bonnyton for himself and Jean Wood, his daughter, on he one part; and James Herring of Glasclune, and Andrew Herring, his son […]

Sheirglass Writs

Blair Atholl Archives, Parcel III Box 9, Sheirglass Writs. 1. Charter by Neil Stewart of Sheirglass to Elizabeth Robertson, his wife, in liferent and John Stewart, his son, in the […]