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3 August 2023 - Volume 9 has now been released in its Fifth Edition. New entries include:

Stewart of Ardgowan and Blackhall

Stewart of Ascog

Stewart of Barscube

Stewart of Christwell

Stewart of Glassingall

Stewart of Raiss and Halrig

Stewart of Schawood

Stewart of Steuarthall


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The Red Book of Scotland is registered under the following ISBN numbers:

ISBN 10: 0-9545628-5

ISBN 13: 978-0-9545628-5


Vol. 1. Abercrombie-Boswell (1036 pages) Content Vol 1

Vol. 2. Bothwell-Carnegie (1046 pages) Content Vol 2

Vol. 3. Carriber-Drummond (1133 pages) Content Vol 3

Vol. 4. Duddingston-Gray (1108 pages) Content Vol 4

Vol. 5. Greg-Lindsay (1144 pages) Content Vol 5

Vol. 6. Linton-Mercer (1119 pages) Content Vol 6

Vol. 7. Mitchell-Orrock (1114 pages) Content Vol 7

Vol. 8. Oswald-Small (1130 pages) Content Vol 8

Vol. 9. Smith-Young (1321 pages) Content Vol 9

Red Book of Scotland Vol 10 With Foreword by Sir Crispin Agnew of Lochnaw, Baronet and KC, and Albany Herald; Author's Acknowledgements and Bibliography. Free to view.

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