Elphinstone of Calderhall




William Elphinstone, was a younger son of Alexander, 2nd Lord Elphinstone, and was appointed Sheriff of Orkney. He m. at Stirling on 15 April 1592, to Janet, daughter of James Henderson of Fordell,[1] (she survived him and m. secondly, to Alexander Livingston, fiar of Haining, by whom she had further issue), and d. on 26 July 1602[2] having had issue,

Harry Elphinstone of Calderhall, succeeded on his father’s death in 1602 and was served heir general to him on 16 October 1602.[3] He obtained the lands of Calderhall and was buried in the Greyfriars, Edinburgh, on 3 May 1668.[4] He m. firstly, on 29 April 1619, to Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Sir Thomas Henderson of Chesters, by whom he was father of :

  1. Sir Thomas Elphinstone of Calderhall, (see below).
  2. William Elphinstone, b. on 13 January 1628 and m. Geilis, daughter of William Menteith of Carriber.[5]
  3. Harry Elphinstone, b. on 13 November 1630.
  4. Harrie Elphinstone, b. on 2 August 1634
  5. Maria Elphinstone, b. on 8 August 1620.
  6. Margaret Elphinstone, b. on 30 July 1621 and m. Sir John Erskine of Balgouny, (c/m 2 September 1643. He d. in 1671). They had issue.
  7. Janet Elphinstone, b. on 25 July 1623.
  8. Elizabeth Elphinstone, b. on 12 August 1624, and m. at Edinburgh, on 11 April 1650, Andrew Bryson of Craigtown.[6] They had issue.
  9. Anna Elphinstone, b. in January of 1627 and m. Robert Lockhart.
  10. Mary Elphinstone, m. Alexander Forbes of Boynlie, (c/m 12 January 1656[7]).
  11. Joan Elphinstone, b. on 3 September 1625.
  12. Rebecca Elphinstone, b. on 13 May 1633.
  13. Catherine Elphinstone, b. on 28 March 1637.

He m. secondly, Jean, daughter of Sir John Scott, 1st of Scottstarvet,[8] by whom he had no apparent issue.

Sir Thomas Elphinstone of Calderhall, b. on 8 March 1620 and was served heir to Sir Thomas Henderson of Chesters, his grandfather, in the lands of Bangourlaw and various tenements in Edinburgh, on 29 May 1638.[9] He m. Jean, daughter of Richard Lauder of Hatton, (c/m 16 March 1650.[10] She was buried in the Greyfriars, Edinburgh, on 4 July 1672[11]), and d. in 1678. He was father of :

  1. Richard Elphinstone of Calderhall, (see below).
  2. Harry Elphinstone, bap. at Kirknewton, on 20 September 1657 and was apprenticed to William Binning, Merchant in Edinburgh, on 22 November 1671.[12] He was buried in the Greyfriars, Edinburgh, on 19 March 1695.[13]
  3. Jean Elphinstone, m. at Edinburgh, on 16 November 1673, to Robert Mylne, Provost of Linlithgow,[14] and had issue.
  4. Lilias Elphintone, bap. at Alloa, on 17 October 1650.
  5. Jean Elphinstone, bap. at Edinburgh, on 27 March 1653.
  6. Elizabeth Elphinstone, bap. at Airth, on 12 February 1661.
  7. Marion Elphinstone, bap. at Airth, on 23 June 1665.
  8. Anna Elphinstone,

Richard Elphinstone of Calderhall & Airth, was appointed Deputy Keeper of the Privy Seal of Scotland on 10 January 1672 and m. on 14 December 1675, to  Jean, daughter and heiress of Alexander Bruce of Airth,[15] (she was widow of John Hamilton of Grange whom she had married by contract of 22 September 1659[16] and who had d. in November 1674[17] having had issue), in right of whom he acquired the lands of Airth. He d. by September of 1683 and was father of :

  1. Charles Elphinstone of Airth, was served heir to his father in the lands of Airth on 27 September 1683[18] and was ksp by William Bruce, eldest son of William Bruce of Cowden, in 1699. His sister Elizabeth was served heir to him in the lands of Airth on 16 August of that year.[19]
  2. Richard Elphinstone, bap. at Airth, on 10 January 1681 and dsp before 16 August 1699.
  3. Elizabeth Elphinstone of Airth, bap. at Airth, on 24 March 1677, succeeded to the lands of Airth as heir to her brother Charles and was served heir to him on 16 August 1699.[20] She m. William Dundas of Blair, (he was bap. at South Leith, on 26 March 1674), and had issue.




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