Erskine of Torrie




William Erskine, 1st of Torry, was a younger son of Henry Erskine, 2nd Lord Cardross, by his second wife, Mary, daughter of Sir George Bruce of Carnock, and was bap. at Culross, on 9 March 1662. He entered the army at a young age and during an active career he was raised to the rank of Colonel, then acquired the lands of Torrie, in Fife. He m. Magdalen, daughter of Sir James Lumsden of Innergeldy, and d. in April of 1707 having had issue,

  1. William Erskine, 2nd of Torrie, (see below).
  2. James Erskine, bap. at Carriden, on 7 February 1696.
  3. Mary Erskine, bap. at Carriden, on 17 September 1693.

William Erskine, 2nd of Torrie, succeeded his father in 1707 and served as a Colonel in the army. He m. on Friday 10 December 1725, to Henrietta, daughter of Sir William Bailie of Lamington, (she was widow of Watson of Muirhouse),[1] d. in 1754 and was father of :

  1. Sir William Erskine, 1st Baronet of Torrie, (see below).
  2. Henrietta Erskine, bap. Edinburgh, on 25 November 1726.

Sir William Erskine, 1st Baronet of Torrie, bap. at Edinburgh, on 28 March 1728, succeeded on his father’s death in 1754 and served with great distinction in the wars in America for which he was created a Baronet with remainder to the heirs male of his body.

He m. firstly, on 3 December 1756, to Magdalen, daughter of Robert Myrton of Gogar,[2] (she d. at Gogar, on 7 December 1757[3]), by whom he had no apparent issue ; and secondly, on 29 May 1767, to Frances, daughter of James Moray, 13th of Abercairney, (she was widow of George Drummond, 3rd of Blair Drummond, whom she had m. on 1 January 1764, and who had d. on 17 March 1765.[4] She d. at Torry House, on 28 February 1793[5]). He d. at Torrie House, on 19 March 1795[6] and was father of :

  1. Sir William Erskine, 2nd Baronet of Torrie, b. on 31 March 1770, succeeded his father on his death in 1795 and dsp on 13 February 1813.[7]
  2. Sir James Erskine, 3rd Baronet of Torrie, b. on 30 September 1772, succeeded his elder brother, Sir William, and was served heir to him in the lands of Torrie on 5 August 1813.[8] He m. on 5 March 1801, Louisa, daughter of Henry Paget, Earl of Uxbridge,[9] whom he subsequently divorced in 1824 for her adultery with Sir George Murray, and dsp at Dover Street, Piccadilly, on 3 March 1825.[10]
  3. Sir John Drummond Erskine, 4th Baronet of Torrie, bap. at Torryburn on 13 April 1776 and succeeded his brother James, to whom he was served heir in the lands of Torrie on 13 April 1825.[11] He d. unmarried, at Hanover Street, London, on 30 July 1836,[12] when the Baronetcy extinguished.
  4. Frances Erskine, b. on 4 April 1769 and m. at Edinburgh, on 16 September 1788, to Lieutenant-General William Wemyss of Wemyss,[13] (he was b. on 9 April 1760 and d. on 4 February 1822). She d. on 1 February 1798.
  5. Elizabeth Erskine, bap. at Torryburn, on 20 April 1782 and m. at Torry House, on 29 April 1806, to James Moray, 16th of Abercairney,[14] (he was b. on 18 October 1780 and dsp in December of 1840).
  6. Henrietta Erskine, bap. at Torryburn, on 28 October 1780.
  7. Magdalen Erskine, b. on 24 February 1787 and m. at Edinburgh, on 15 April 1841, to Vice Admiral Alexander Renton Sharpe, son of Charles Sharpe of Hoddam Castle.[15] She d. at Dunimarle, on 1 February 1872.[16]




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