Hay of Carriber




James Hay, 1st of Carriber, was a younger son of David Hay of Easter Kennet and Woodcockdale, and was bap. at Linlithgow, on 9 September 1642. He was admitted a Writer to the Signet on 16 August 1671 and acquired the lands of Carriber, in the sheriffdom of Linlithgow, from William Menteith. He m. at Edinburgh, on 19 December 1672, to Magdalen, daughter of George Robertson, Goldsmith,[1] (she d. in February 1713[2]), and d. in December of 1702[3] being father of :

  1. Archibald Hay, bap. at Edinburgh, on 27 February 1675 and d. young.
  2. David Hay, bap. at Edinburgh, on 8 September 1677 and d. young.
  3. John Hay, 2nd of Carriber, bap. at Edinburgh, on 10 November 1681 and was served heir general to his brother David on 1 October 1696.[4] He was also served heir to his father in the barony of Carriber on 30 April 1703[5] and dsp in October of 1708.
  4. George Hay, bap. at Edinburgh, on 26 April 1684 and d. young.
  5. James Hay, bap. at Edinburgh, on 1 July 1685 and d. young.
  6. Walter Hay, bap. at Edinburgh, on 4 August 1686 and d. young.
  7. George Hay, 3rd of Carriber, bap. at Edinburgh on 3 December 1687 and was served heir to his brother John in the lands of Carriber on 6 July 1711,[6] which he disponed to John Mirrie, Apothecary, in 1714.
  8. Andrew Hay of Mugdrum, b. on 21 August 1690 and was executor to his brother, John Hay of Carriber, in 1708. He m. at Edinburgh, on 8 March 1720, to Margaret, daughter of Mr. William Nicolson of Glenbervie,[7] (she d. at Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, on 8 May 1771[8]).
  9. Thomas Hay, b. on 7 September 1692 and became a Writer in Edinburgh. He m. Isabel, daughter of Sir David Balfour of Forret, (she d. in 1756[9]), and d. on 28 January 1733[10] having had issue,

9a} Michael Hay, was apprenticed to Alexander Edmonstone, Goldsmith in Edinburgh, on 28 November 1733[11] and afterwards settled at Kingston, Jamaica. On 12 January 1757, he renounced his rights to his father’s estate and d. at Kingston, Jamaica, on 12 February 1762.[12]

9a} Jean Hay, m. Dr. George Bethune of Kingask, (he was buried at Cupar, on 13 February 1774[13]), and was buried at Cupar, on 17 October 1778.[14]

  1. Magdalen Hay, bap. at Edinburgh, on 31 October 1673.
  2. Jean Hay, bap. at Edinburgh, on 18 May 1676.
  3. Margaret Hay, bap. at Edinburgh, on 5 December 1678.
  4. Christian Hay, bap. at Edinburgh, on 2 July 1680 and m. at Edinburgh, on 2 April 1700, to Andrew Marjoribanks of that Ilk.[15] They had issue.
  5. Grizel Hay, bap. at Edinburgh, on 10 March 1689 and m. at Edinburgh, on 28 March 1708, to Thomas Boyes, W.S.[16] She was an executor to her brother John Hay of Carriber in 1708.




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