Home of Kames




Henry Home of Kames, was a natural son of Alexander Home of Renton.[1] He was appointed Commissary of Lauder and acquired his half-brother, George’s lands of Kames, in the parish of Eccles, by adjudication in 1680. He m. Christian, eldest daughter of David Fletcher, Bishop of the Isles, (c/m 29 August 1671[2]) and d. in June 1690[3] having had issue,

  1. George Home of Kames, (see below).
  2. John Home, was apprenticed to Gideon Elliot, Deacon of the Chirurgeons of Edinburgh, on 20 January 1694.[4]
  3. David Home, was appointed under-Clerk of the Privy Council and dsp in February 1708.[5] His brother, George Home of Kames, was executor to him as next-of-kin.

George Home of Kames, succeeded on his father’s death in 1690 and had special service as heir to him in the lands of West Kames, and others, on 6 October 1692.[6] He m. Agnes/Helen, daughter of John Walkinshaw of Barrowfield, and d. in April 1741.[7] He was father of,

  1. Henry Home of Kames, (see below).
  2. John Home, was appointed Collector of the supply for the county of Berwick and dsp on 4 June 1774.[8] His brother, Henry, and his sisters, Ann, Margaret and Catherine were executors to him as next-of-kin.
  3. Ann Home, m. James Murray of Cherrytrees and as his relict, she was joint-executor to her brother John in 1774. They had issue.
  4. Margaret Home,
  5. Catherine Home,

Henry Home of Kames, b. 1696 and succeeding his father, he was served heir to him in the lands of Easter and Wester Kames on 1 July 1742.[9]  Study the law, he was apprenticed to a Writer to the Signet in 1712 and called to the Scottish Bar as an Advocate on 19 January 1723. Afterwards, on the death of Lord Monzie, he was elevated to the bench as Lord Kames on 6 February 1752, and was appointed a Lord of Justiciary on 15 April 1763. He m. on 25 August 1741, to Agatha, daughter of James Drummond, 2nd of Blair Drummond, and sister and heiress of George Drummond, 3rd of Blair Drummond,[10] (c/m 24 August 1741.[11] She survived him and d. at Edinburgh, on 18 June 1795[12]), and d. at Edinburgh, on 27 December 1782, in his 87th year.[13] He was father of;

  1. George Home Drummond of Blair Drummond, succeeded his father, to whom he was served heir on 10 April 1783, and also succeeding his maternal uncle, George Drummond of Blair Drummond, he was served heir to him as well as to his mother on 15 June 1796,[14] following which he assumed the additional surname and arms of Drummond of Blair Drummond. He m. on 11 October 1782, to Janet, daughter of Rev. John Jardine, (c/m 21 October 1783.[15] She was b. on 15 May 1762 and d. on 30 January 1840), and d. at Blair Drummond, on 2 October 1819,[16] having had issue, (see Drummond of Blair Drummond and Moray of Abercairney).
  2. Jean Home, m. in November 1761, to Patrick Heron of Heron.[17]




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