Lawson of Humbie




William Lawson of Humbie, is the first for whom there is evidence and was a member of the inquest at the service of Thomas de Somverville as heir to his father, Sir John de Somerville of Carnwath, on 1 March 1406. The next to appear in record was;

Richard Lawson of Humbie, succeeded to Humbie and although his precise relationship to the former proprietor, William Lawson, is uncertain, he was, in all likelihood, directly descended of his body. He is named in his son, Richard’s charter for the lands of Gilcriston in 1505 and is styled grandfather to James Lawson of Humbie in 1539. He was father of,

  1. Richard Lawson of Humbie, (see below).
  2. Marjorie Lawson, m. firstly, by 20 January 1509, to Sir John Haldane, 8th of Gleneagles, (he was k. at the battle of Flodden in September 1513), when they had a conjunct charter for the lands his share of the Earldom of Lennox,[1] and by whom she had issue. She m. secondly, to Luke Stirling, younger son of Sir William Stirling of Keir, and thirdly, to Robert Menteith of Wester Kerse.
  3. Margaret Lawson, m. Alexander Borthwick in Johnstonburn, and had issue.

Richard Lawson of Humbie, is styled son to Richard Lawson of Humbie in a charter to him under the Great Seal for the lands of Gilcriston, in the constabulary of Haddington, on 30 August 1505, which had been resigned to him by John Tarvat of that Ilk.[2]He m. Margaret, daughter of William Halkett of Pitferrane and d. on 24 August 1513 having had issue;

  1. James Lawson of Humbie, (see below).
  2. William Lawson, is styled brother to James Lawson of Humbie when Baillie to a Sasine in favour of Robert Barton, son and heir of John Barton of Craigs, dated 4 September 1548.[3]

James Lawson of Humbie, succeeded his father and was served heir to him in the lands of Gilcriston on 27 January 1538/39.[4]He m. by 30 October 1539, to Marion Home when they had a charter for the lands of Humbie from the Abbot of Kelso which had been granted previously by his predecessors to James’s father, Richard Lawson, and Richard Lawson, his grandfather.[5] He d. by August 1556 and was father of,

  1. Robert Lawson of Humbie, (see below).
  2. Marion Lawson, m. John Newton, eldest son and apparent heir to William Newton of that Ilk, (c/m 7 August 1556[6]).
  3. Christian Lawson, m. Alexander Cockburn of Makerston, (he d. in November 1579[7]), second son of William Cockburn of Ormiston, and had issue.

Robert Lawson of Humbie, succeeded his father by 7 August 1556 and was forfeited for having been arms in support of the Queen at the battle of Langside for which his escheat goods were conveyed to Alexander Home of Huttonhall on 21 June 1568.[8]He m. Margaret, daughter of George Brown of Coalstoun, (c/m 29 September 1550[9]), and d. on 14 February 1581[10] having had issue,

James Lawson of Humbie, succeeded his father and being under age at his death, the ward of his lands and the marriage of the heir was granted to Michael Elphinstone on 28 Janaury 1582.[11] He m. Elizabeth, daughter of John Bellenden of Auchnoull, (she survived him and m. secondly, as a second wife, to Sir John Cockburn of Ormiston, by whom she had further issue), who, as his relict, had a charter for the lands of Kirktonhill and Muirhouse, in Berwickshire, on 15 March 1614,[12] and d. in March 1598. He was father of,

  1. Sir James Lawson of Humbie, (see below).
  2. Mr. Robert Lawson, who acted as Tutor to his nephew, John Lawson, and is so-styled when witness to a Sasine of 5 June 1615.[13]
  3. Janet Lawson, m. James Fawside, eldest son and apparent heir of Mr. Robert Fawside of that Ilk, (c/m at Humbie, on 20 September 1605[14]).
  4. Elizabeth Lawson, m. by 29 July 1615, to her step-brother, John Cockburn, younger of Ormiston,[15] and had issue.

Sir James Lawson of Humbie, succeeded his father and was served heir general to him on 15 June 1602,[16] then as heir to him in the lands of Humbie on 4 March 1607[17] and as heir to his grandfather, Robert Lawson of Humbie, in those of Waynside on the same day.[18] He was father of,

  1. John Lawson of Humbie, (see below).
  2. Jean Lawson, m. by 20 September 1627, to Sir John Edmonstone of that Ilk, (he was widow of Anna, daughter of Sir James Stirling of Keir, whom he had m. in 1614, and by whom he had issue), when they resigned their rights to the Mains of Edmonstone in favour of Mr. James Rait, Advocate,[19] and had issue.

John Lawson of Humie, succeeded his father and was served heir to him, firstly, in the lands of West Duddingston on 12 June 1630,[20] then in those of Gilcriston on 25 May 1637.[21] He disponed those of Humbie to Mr. Adam Hepburn on 3 December 1635[22] followed by those of Gilcriston to that same person by resignation of 29 July 1637.[23] He m. Janet Fawside who was living on 3 December 1635 and had d. by the time Hepburn’s charter for Humbie passed the Great Seal on 21 November 1636.




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