Lindsay of Spynie




Alexander Lindsay, 1st Lord Spynie, was second son of David, 10th Earl of Crawford. He was a friend of King James VI. whom he accompanied on his matrimonial journey to Denmark in 1589, and was raised to the peerage by him as Lord Spynie by Patent dated 17 April 1602. He m. Jean, daughter of John, 8th Lord Glamis, (she was widow of Robert Douglas, younger of Lochleven, whom she had m. in 1583 ; and also of 8th Earl of Angus, whom she had m. in 1587), and was k. on the High Street in Edinburgh in June of 1607, when attempting to intervene and pacify a quarrel which had broken out between Sir David Lindsay of Edzell and David, Earl of Crawford. He was father of :

  1. Alexander Lindsay, 2nd Lord Spynie, (see below).
  2. John Lindsay, who dsp.
  3. Anne Lindsay, m. at South Leith, on 10 March 1607, to Robert Graham of Scottstoun,[1] and dsp.
  4. Margaret Lindsay, m. Sir Alexander Erskine of Dun, (he survived her and m. secondly, to Anna Bethune by whom he had further issue), and “deceased at Din upon the 11, and who was honourably buried there upon Thursday, the 4 of April, being brought from a high looft above some of the houses without the place, and v/as carried upon two long hand spakes from thence through the doss to the kirk, where she was interred in the old sepulchar of that house.”[2]

Alexander Lindsay, 2nd Lord Spynie, who fought in Germany under Gustavus Adolphus and succeeding his father, he was served heir to him on 3 March 1621.[3] He m. firstly, to Jean Douglas and secondly, to Margaret, daughter of George Hay, 1st Earl of Kinnoul, (c/m 19 August 1620[4]), and was father of :

  1. Alexander Lindsay, Master of Spynie, had a charter under the Great Seal on his father’s resignation for the lands of Leyis on 28 April 1624.[5] He m. Jean, daughter of John Carnegie, 1st Earl of Northesk, (she survived him and m. secondly, in 1647, to John Lindsay of Edzell,[6] and had issue), and dsp before June 1646.
  2. George Lindsay, 3rd Lord Spynie, succeeded and was served heir to his father in the lands of Finavon and others, on 12 June 1646.[7] On the death of Ludovick, 16th Earl of Crawford, he became heir-male of the family and was served heir general to that person on 8 November 1666.[8] He dsp in 1672.
  3. William Lindsay, bap. at Perth, on 11 April 1625.
  4. John Lindsay, bap. at Perth, on 19 August 1626.
  5. Margaret Lindsay, bap. at Edinburgh, on 19 August 1623 and m. in 1648, William Fullarton of that Ilk. Their descendant successfully claimed the Spynies estate.
  6. Jane Lindsay, bap. at Perth, on 24 September 1627.

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