Arnot of that Ilk Charter

Update: Now sold.

I recently acquired this document as part of a collection of writs relating to the lands of Kinloch, in Fife. Quite why it ended up in that collection, I have no idea as no others relate to the lands of Little Arnot, however, as there are several to and by Mr Andrew Arnot, minister at Scotlandwell, (a younger son of the grantees) as well as his sons, that is likely the route it took into the broader collection.

The charter is unique. In the first instance, despite the antiquity of the family and their having been settled at Arnot by at least 1238, it is the earliest extant Arnot of Arnot document known to survive. Secondly, the appended seal is the earliest known example of the Arnot of Arnot arms, those being: a Chevron between two mullets, in chief, and a crescent in base. The third unique aspect is that it is signed manually by Walter Arnot and is the only known specimen of his signature. The charter itself is the grant by Walter Arnot of that Ilk to his eldest son and heir apparent, David Arnot, and David's wife, Janet Bruce, jointly, of the lands of Little Arnot, lying within the barony of Arnot and is dated 22 January 1537-38.

The charter is vellum and is in overall exceptionally good condition, and is perfectly legible in all parts. Measurements are: 305mm wide and 228mm in height. The seal measures 32/33mm in diameter.

Of the granter, Walter Arnot of that Ilk: he first appears in record when still heir apparent to his father, John Arnot of that Ilk, in March 1507 and died shortly before October 1549, when the eldest son, David Arnot, the grantee, had Sasine for the lands of Arnot as heir to him.

The charter being outwith the scope of the collection, I would be willing to sell. Those unique aspects considered, I would accept a price in the region of £1,000. Preferably, the purchaser would have a particular interest in the Arnot family or else in early seals. If interested please contact me at