Blair Atholl Archive Extracts No. 1

Box III. Parcel XV.

Charter by Janet Schaw, wife of Patrick Murray of Ochtertyre, to Mungo Murray, son of John, Earl of Tulliebardine, and his heirs, which failing, to Ochtertyre's heirs, of an annualrent of six bolls of victual from the lands of Lecropt, holding of her brother, Andrew Schaw of Knockhill, dated 21 December 1583.

Instrument of Sasine in favour of Robert Stewart, wadsetter of Ardceancoll, and Beatrix Stewart, his wife, of the lands of Drumnacroich. Dated 18 April 1715.

Contract between John, Earl of Atholl, on the one part, and Beatrix Leslie, wife of John Stewart MacGilliechallum in Auchghoubhal, and Alexander Stewart, her son, with consent of George Leslie, Captain of Blair Castle, and Neil Stewart of Sheirglass, his curators, on the other part, whereby for 500 merks Scots the Earl binds himself to infeft Beatrix and Alexander, her son, in the lands of Achghobhal, in Glen Tilt. Dated 25 May 1599.

Bond by John, Earl of Atholl, to Isabel Stewart in Auchghobhal for herself and John Stewart, her son, for 200 merks Scots and warranting them to continue on those lands until 500 merks has been paid. Dated 27 November 1632.

Contract between John, Earl of Atholl, and Isabel Stewart, wife of Alexander Stewart, and John Stewart, their eldest son, in respect of a payment of 500 merks Scots by the said Isabel to the said Earl, he binds himself to infeft her in the liferent and her said son, heritably, in the lands of Auchghobhal, in Glen Tilt. Dated 11 December 1637.

Charter by William, Master of Tulliebardine, in favour of Alexander Robertson in Borland of Fearnan of the 2 merklands of Mualich Mor, dated 21 January 1613.





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