Kinnear of Kinnear and Kinloch

A degree of confusion exists in relation to the founder of this family, Charles Kinnear of Kinnear and Kinloch, and especially in relation to the identity of his wife and the mother of his children. Burke's Landed Gentry appears to be the source of those mistakes and in the 1894 edition of that work Charles Kinnear is said to have had only one wife, Ann, daughter of James Hunter of Inchture and sister of Charles Hunter of Seaside, whom, it states, he married in 1772 and had his issue; two sons and two daughters. That is not correct and the Assignation of which the image below is of page 1, sheds much needed light and clarity on the matter and is contained within the family's own papers (now in this author's possession). It is dated 2 March 1768 and is the assigning by Thomas Mathew at Maggotland of his Tack of those lands in favour of "my son in law" Charles Kinnear. Expanding on that evidence, the following correction to the existing accounts can be made:

Charles Kinnear married on 27 August 1761, to Margaret Mathew (Inchture OPR) whom, the Assignation proves, was daughter to Thomas Mathew at Maggotland. The Longforgan OPR furnishes further details in relation to their issue;

1 Thomas Kinnear of Kinloch, baptised 3 September 1764 (see below)

2 Charles Kinnear, baptised 9 September 1769 and succeeded to the lands of Kinnear. He died without issue at Inchmichael, on 8 July 1809, having entailed his lands in favour of his nephew, Charles Kinnear.

3 James Kinnear, baptised 16 October 1770.

4 Margaret Kinnear, baptised 18 June 1763.

That first wife dying soon after the birth of their youngest child, James, in October 1770, Charles Kinnear married secondly, on 24 December 1772, Ann, daughter of James Hunter, which is confirmed by the entry in the Inchture OPR, but the assertion, as above, that she was the mother of his children is not correct.

Charles was succeeded at his death in August 1809 by his eldest son;

Thomas Kinnear of Kinloch, who was born in 1764 and married firstly on 4 November 1794 (as opposed to 1792 stated in Burke's) to Lucretia, daughter of Thomas Anderson, Newburgh, by whom he had issue. He married his second wife, Jessy (Janet) daughter of George Thomason of Nuthill, on 17 November 1801, and died at Kinloch on 27 August 1809, having had issue by both wives. His eldest son by the first was;

Charles Kinnear of Kinloch and Kinnear, who was born on 15 January 1796 and had special service as heir to his father in the lands of Kinloch on 23 November 1809, then as heir of tailzie and provision to his uncle Charles Kinnear in those of Kinnear on 19 April 1815. He died on 9 April 1874, having been twice married, firstly, at Edinburgh, on 29 September 1825, to Christina Jane, daughter and John Greenshields, Advocate, and his wife, Jane, daughter and heiress of Robert Boyd of Drum, who died at Kinloch on 1 April 1835. He married his second wife, Charlotte, daughter of George and coheiress of George Paterson of Cunnoquhie, at Cunnoquhie on 24 October 1837, and had issue by both which will be covered in an entry to be published in a subsequent edition of the Red Book series.