Macleod of Talisker



Note: Not having done very much to this account for some time, and with no plans for continuing research, I thought I would make what was to hand available in the hope that it is useful to at least someone.




Sir Roderick Macleod of Talisker, who is styled brother to John Macleod of Dunvegan when included in a commission issued by the Privy Seal on 5 July 1627, to apprehend and deliver Allan Macleod of Pennyquhone for the murder of Alexander MacJeane.[1] He subscribed a Bond of Caution not to harm Sir Donald MacDonald of Sleat and his wife and children on 14 August 1635[2] and was on the committee of war for Inverness-shire on 21 November 1646. He was appointed a Colonel in the Marquis of Argyll’s division of Inverness and Badenoch in May 1648[3] and is styled son to Sir Roderick MacLeod of Dunvegan in a Discharge of 1665.[4]

He d. about 1695 having m. firstly, to Mary, daughter of Donald MacKay, 1st Lord Reay, by whom he was father of,

  1. A daughter, who is said to have d. young.

He m. secondly, to Mary, daughter of Mackinnon of that Ilk, and by her he had further issue;

  1. John Macleod of Talisker, (see below).
  2. Magnus Macleod,
  3. Marion Macleod, m. Donald Maclean of Coll.

John Macleod, 2nd of Talisker, succeeded his father and m. Janet, only child of Alexander Macleod of Grishornish, (she survived him and m. secondly, by 27 January 1711, to James MacDonald of Oransay, by whom she had further issue[5]), to whom, on 15 February 1701, he granted a Disposition of his moveable property at the time of his death.[6] He d. after then and by 21 March 1704 when his relict gave up an inventory of his those of his goods she had disposed of,[7] and was father of,

Donald Macleod, 3rd of Talisker, succeeded his father and had service as heir general to his maternal grandfather, Alexander Macleod of Grishnish, on 19 October 1723.[8] He m. Christina, daughter of John Macleod of Contilich, and d. before 7 July 1756 having had issue;

  1. John Macleod, 4th of Talisker, b. in 1718-20[9] and succeeding his father, he was served heir general to him on 7 July 1756.[10] Pursuing a military career, he served with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel in the army of the States General but following which he “suffered from alternate high and low spirits since an ague during his service in Holland more than twenty years earlier”[11]. He d. without surviving issue, at Talisker, on 14 July 1798, in his 80th year,[12] having m. firstly, to Mary, daughter of Hector Maclean of Coll, and secondly, to Christian, daughter of John Mackay, Merchant in Inverness, (she survived him and d. at Ardfreck, on 2 February 1820[13]).
  2. Magnus Macleod, served as a lieutenant in Colonel Campbell’s Regiment of Highlanders and was father of,

2a} Donald Macleod, 5th of Talisker, (see below).

  1. Roderick Macleod, b. in 1730 was educated at King’s College, Aberdeen. In 1748, when eighteen years of age, he was appointed assistant to Dr James Gregory, Professor of Philosophy at King’s College, and upon that master’s retiral the following year, he was appointed to that office.[14] He was elected sub-principal of King’s College, Aberdeen, in 1764, and in 1800, he was elected Principal by his colleagues. He m. on 6 June 1782, to Isabella Christie[15] and d. at Old Aberdeen, on 11 September 1815, in his 86th year,[16] having had issue,

3a} Donald Macleod, bap. on 17 December 1787 and served as a Captain in the Bengal Artillery. He d. at sea in June 1818, during his passage from Bengal to the Cape of Good Hope.[17]

3a} Archibald Macleod, bap. on 10 July 1792 and d. the following day.

3a} John Macleod, bap. on 8 July 1794.

3a} Roderick Macleod, bap. on 15 September 1795.

3a} Christina Macleod, bap. on 24 September 1785 and m. at Old Aberdeen, on 25 September 1809, to Dr Hugh Macpherson.[18]

3a} Isabella Macleod, bap. on 11 August 1786.

3a} Janet Macleod, bap. on 25 April 1789 and d. in infancy,

3a} Ann Macleod, bap. on 20 November 1790.

3a} Janet Macleod, bap. on 26 December 1797 and d. at Old Aberdeen, on 15 November 1818.[19]

3a} Margaret Catherine Macleod, m. at Old Aberdeen, on 15 October 1821, to Captain George Thomas Gordon, H.E.I.C.S.[20]

  1. Norman Macleod, served as a captain-lieutenant in the regiment of light armed infantry in North America.
  2. Janet Macleod, m. Hugh Maclean of Coll.
  3. Isabel Macleod, m. Hector Maclean of Omonk.

Donald Macleod, 5th of Talisker, succeeded and served as a Major in the army. He gave up his lands and settled in Tasmania in 1818. He m. Catherine, daughter of Alexander Maclean of Coll, (she survived him and d. at Baccus Marsh, Victoria, Australia, on 22 February 1863, in her 77th year[21]), and had issue.




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