Perth & Kinross Archives B59/13/36

Compeared Margaret Pitscottie, relict of the deceased James Moncrieff, who was son to the deceased Archibald Moncrieff of Easter Moncrieff, and now spouse to William Ross at the Charterhouse of Perth, and granted an obligation for a bond granted in her favour by Andew Moncrieff, son and heir of the said James Moncrieff, dated 24 November 1610.

4. Ratification by Bessie Nycol, spouse to John Robertson, younger, Burgess of Perth, of a contract between that John and John Robertson, elder, Burgess of Perth, and Janet Kincaid, his wife, for 50 merks Scots. Dated 4 March 1611.

Compeared Margaret Carwood, relict of the deceased John Stewart of Tulliepowries, and now spouse to James Drummond of Leichill, Sheriff Clerk of Perth, and with consent of Harie Drummond, son and of that said James, Patrick Drummond, also son to James and John Schaw of Pitmurthlie, donator of the escheat and liferent of the said James, and Christine Balfour, souse to the said Harie, and Andrew Drummond, also son to the said James, and Mr Patrick Balfour of Pitcullo for his interest, by which they quitclaimed their rights to the lands of Leichill and confirmed they had passed all charters and instruments pertaining to them to Thomas Drummond of Drummawhence, dated 15 July 1612.

Renunciation by Margaret Carwood of her lands of Friarton, then occupied by Thomas Oliphant, to William Moncrieff of that Ilk, dated 14 July 1612.

Compeared Margaret Bonar, wife of Patrick Blair, son lawful of the deceased Alexander Blair of Balthayock, and gave ratification of an obligation made to the said Patrick with consent of the said Margaret, to Laurence Blair of Over Durdie, brother german to the said Patrick, of all and whole the lands of Bachlenis, pertaining heritably to the said Patrick, upon disposition by his late father, and the lands of Kirkton of Quilks, previously occupied by Thomas Blair, his brother german, and for which Patrick and Margaret quitclaimed the said Laurence, as cautioner, for a marriage contract between Patrick and Margaret executed at Carnbaddie on 28 January 1603, to which her mother, Jean Johnstone, relict of the deceased William Bonar of Rossie, her father, was cautioner. Dated 18 July 1613.

Compeared Helen Lundie, spouse of Robert Robertson of Ledgrein, and ratified a renunciation dated 22 May 1613, granted by the Robert, her husband, to Sir david Murray now heritable proprietor of the lands of Gorthy, of an annualrent of £100 from those lands, when they had belonged to George Lundy of Gorthy. Dated 16 June 1613.

Compeared Isabel Robertson, wife of Alexander Robertson of Tennandrie and Burgess of Perth, and renounced those lands which had previously been granted by the deceased John Blair, merchant of Perth, to the deceased John Robertson, Merchant of Perth, her father, in favour of Ewen Brown, Skinner Burgess of Perth, dated 17 June 1613.

Renunciation by Janet Blair, daughter and heir of the deceased John Blair, Merchant and Burgess of Perth, who was son and apparent heir to the deceased Patrick Blair, also Merchant Burgess of Perth, and wife to Patrick Gray of Lyndch, Saddler Burgess of Perth, of a Bond for 200 merks Scots to Robert Snell, portioner of Balgarvie, which had pertained to the said deceased John Blair and Marjory Anderson, his wife. Dated 10 December 1614

Compeared Janet Oliphant, lawful daughter of the deceased Thomas Oliphant in Friarton, and wife of George Robertson, Braboner Burgess of Perth, and ratified letters of obligation dated 7 December 1616, for victual etc., which had been granted by her father to his children by Geilis Graham, viz; Robert, Margaret, Violet and Janet, dated 7 December 1616.

Ratification by Christian Watson, wife of John Dykes, Merchant Burgess of Perth, to Haryy Ruthven, Tutor of Freeland, and Burgess of Perth, and Bessie Martin, his wife, and to Harrie Ruthven, their second son, anent various houses in and around Perth. Dated 30 May 1618.

Compeared Helen Murray, daughter of John Murray of Tibbermuir by the deceased Helen Scrimgeour, his wife, and wife to David Murray of Rait, and ratified an annualrent to be uplifted from the lands of Williamston. Dated 4 July 1619.

Ratification by Eupham , wife of Andrew Rollock of Magdalens, of a disposition by the said Andrew and Janet Pennicuik, his mother-in-law, dated 22 August 1636.


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