Chalmers of Auldbar





William Chalmers of Auldbar, was the youngest son of Dr. Patrick Chalmers, and was bap. at Aberdeen, on 22 July 1699. He became a successful merchant in Gibraltar and on his return home to Scotland he purchased the lands of Auldbar from Robert Young of Auldbar in 1753, for which he had a charter of confirmation under the Great Seal on 3 July of that year. He m. Cecilia Elphinstone, (she d. on 7 March 1761, aged 58 years[1]), and d. on 9 July 1765,[2] having had issue;

Patrick Chalmers of Auldbar, b. in 1737, was admitted an Advocate and succeeded his father in the lands of Auldbar on his death in 1765 for which he had a charter under the Great Seal dated 6 August 1766. He m. Isabel Tindal, (she d. on 2 November 1811, aged 67 years), d. at Auldbar, on 15 February 1824, in his 87th year,[3] and was father of :

Patrick Chalmers of Auldbar, bap. at Aberlemno, on 30 January 1777, was a Merchant in London for many years and succeeded his father in the lands of Auldbar on his death in 1824. He m. at St. Olave’s, Hart Street, London, on 15 December 1801, to Frances, daughter of John Inglis, of Mark Lane,[4] (she survived him and d. at Auldbar, on 10 February 1848 in her 70thyear[5]), d. at Auldbar, on 8 December 1826[6] and was father of :

  1. Patrick Chalmers of Auldbar, b. on 31 October 1802 and early on in life he entered the army, serving as a Captain in a Dragoon regiment until the death of his father in 1824, when he retired and returned home to Auldbar. He was elected M.P. for Hanbury and Montrose and was a lifelong student of archaeology and history, publishing numerous works and papers throughout the course of his life. He m. at Edgehill, Liverpool, on 16 July 1839, to Jessie Anna Letitia, daughter of Herbert Foley, of Ridgeway, (she was widow of Thomas Taylor Vernon, of Hanbury Hall,[7] by whom she had issue ; and d. at Hanbury Hall on 7 April 1840[8]). He dsp at Rome, on 23 June 1854, while conducting a tour of Europe,[9] being succeeded in the lands of Auldbar by his brother, John.
  2. John Inglis Chalmers of Auldbar, (see below).
  3. Frances Chalmers, bap. on 7 July 1805.
  4. Margaret Ann Chalmers, b. in 1806.
  5. Euphemia Chalmers, b. on 20 January 1811.
  6. Isabella Chalmers, b. on 26 May 1804 and d. at St. Leonard’s on Sea, on 9 June 1841.[10]

John Inglis Chalmers of Ballumbie & Auldbar, b. on 2 August 1809 and succeeded his brother Patrick in the lands of Auldbar on his death in June 1854. He m. at Christ Church, Marylebone, on 9 February 1838, to Margaret, daughter of John Bellingham Inglis, of Verehill,[11] (she d. at South Kensington, London, on 3 April 1896[12]), d. at Auldbar Castle, on 15 May 1868[13] and was father of :

  1. Patrick Chalmers, of Auldbar, (see below).
  2. John Francis Chalmers, b. on 24 November 1845 and became a banker in London with the firm Chalmers and Co., Bankers. He m. at the Parish Church, Buscot, on 17 September 1874, to Alice, second daughter of Robert Campbell of Buscot Park,[14] (she m. secondly, to Dr. John Cooke, and had issue), and d. at Brighton, on 23 September 1879.[15] He was father of :

2a} Francis Inglis Chalmers, bap. on 12 August 1876, and d. in 1952.

2a} Robert Arthur Chalmers of Auldbar, b. on 15 September 1878 and m. at Christ Church, Worthing, on 17 January 1898, to Isabella Hope, daughter of Tomin Campbell, Jamaica.[16] He purchased the Auldbar estate in 1931.

2a} Lillian A. Chalmers, b. in 1877.

2a} Margaret Jessie Spencer Chalmers, bap. on 4 July 1880 and d. unmarried, in July of 1917.

  1. Norman Guthrie Chalmers, b. on 7 August 1847 and entered the army, serving with distinction in the 1st Battalion, Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders and being raised to Lieutenant-Colonel. Following retirement he became a sheep farmer in New Zealand. He m. in 1890, to Marguerite Eleanor MacGregor, (she d. at Arbroath on 5 December 1943[17]), and d. at London, on 8 December 1902.[18]
  2. A son, who was b. and d. on 27 January 1849.
  3. A son, who was b. and d. at Middleton House, on 17 July 1850.
  4. Jessie Chalmers, m. at Auldbar on 12 March 1868, to Rev. James Francis, Chaplain at Dartmouth Prison,[19] and had issue.
  5. Elizabeth Frances Chalmers, b. on 9 April 1842 and m. at St. George’s, Hanover Square, London, on 23 July 1874, to Signor Giambattista Vare.[20]
  6. Mary Helen Chalmers, b. on 20 February 1844.
  7. Blanche Graham Chalmers, b. in 1853 and m. at St. Mary Abbot’s, Kensington, on 1 July 1882, to her brother-in-law, Robert Augustus Oldham.[21] She d. on 5 December 1934.[22]
  8. Euphemia Violet Guthrie Chalmers, b. at Auldbar Castle on 15 May 1858 and m. at St. Stephen’s Church, South Kensington, on Tuesday 14 April 1885, to Sir Griffith Henry Boynton, 12th Baronet.[23] She d. on 24 September 1930.[24]

Patrick Chalmers of Auldbar, was b. in 1841, and succeeded his father on his death in 1868. He m. at Torr Church, Torquay, on 29 June 1871, to Ellen Maria, second daughter of Rev. James Oldham,[25] incumbent of St. Luke’s, Birmingham, d. at Auldbar, on 8 January 1925,[26] and was father of :

  1. Patrick Reginald Chalmers of Auldbar, b. on 27 June 1872 and was a well-known author and contributor to literary publications. He succeeded his father in Auldbar in 1925, which he sold in 1930 to his cousin Robert Arthur Chalmers. He m. on 6 September 1917, to Winifred, daughter of Cannon Arrnot of Beckingham, and d. at Goring-on-Thames, in September 1942.[27]
  2. John Ernest Chalmers, b. at Edinburgh, on 23 January 1874.
  3. Arthur George De Montmorency Chalmers, b. on 1 September 1875.
  4. Cecil Wolseley Chalmers, b. on 31 October 1876.
  5. Gilbert Ramsay Chalmers, b. on 8 March 1882.
  6. Violet Ellen Chalmers, b. in 1880.
  7. Evelyn Caroline Chalmers, was a twin with Violet and was b. in 1880. She d. at Munross House, Bridge of Dun, on 15 June 1940.[28]




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