New – Red Book of Scotland Database

Continually keeping published editions up-to-date with on-going research and new findings is an impossible task. No sooner has a latest edition been released than a further trip to an archive yields […]

The Red Book of Clan Donnachaidh

The Red Book of Clan Donnachaidh   The oldest written history of the chiefs of the Clan Donnachaidh was the ‘Red Book’ which, in the mid 1600s, was destroyed in […]

Oliphant of Gask and the Heir Male

  Charles Agathon Guiliame Oliphant was born in Holland, in 1811, as the only son of Carel Naret Oliphant. Achieving a good degree of success as a merchant, he settled […]

Macleod of Talisker

____________   Note: Not having done very much to this account for some time, and with no plans for continuing research, I thought I would make what was to hand […]

Clan Carruthers Chiefship

  It is always a great privilege to be involved in any petition whether for a Chiefship or a title, be it a Baronetcy, a Peerage, an Earldom or a […]

The Missing Edmonstone of Duntreath

  The genealogy of the 16th century family of Edmonstone of Duntreath continually niggled away at me as, chronologically, what the evidence appeared to say didn’t quite fit as it […]

Weir of Stanebyres

  I have noticed the existence of some confusion in relation to the antiquity of the family of Weir of Stanebyres. The assertion is that William Weir, younger son of […]