Blair of Denhead and Cronan – Origins

I have received several enquiries from persons requesting further clarification on the evidence proving the descent of the Blairs of Wester Denhead and Cronan from Blair of Balgillo. The evidence […]

Scott of Melby – Revised Descent

Scott of Melby – correcting their descent in the male line from Sir John Scott of Scottstarvit.   In regard to the origins of the Scotts of Melby, in Shetland, […]

NRS CS7 Extracts

4/210 Helen Campbell, relict of Laurence Crawford of Kilbirny, and Archibald MacLachlan of Askog, now her spouse, on the one part; and Mr. Thomas Marjoribanks of Ratho, tutor dative to […]

Perth Burgh Services of Heirs & Curatories

B59/13/27 f.33r-34v. Service of Jean and Margaret Robertson as heirs to their deceased father, John Robertson, Merchant Burgess of Perth. 6 March 1655. f.41. Curatory of Isabel, daughter of James […]

Perth & Kinross Archives B59/13/36

2r. Compeared Margaret Pitscottie, relict of the deceased James Moncrieff, who was son to the deceased Archibald Moncrieff of Easter Moncrieff, and now spouse to William Ross at the Charterhouse […]

Perthshire Sasine Extracts No. 6.

1. RS51/1 Sasine in favour of Jean, daughter of John Moncrieff of Easter Moncrieff, of the liferent of the lands of Innernethie in implementation of a marriage contract between her […]

Perthshire Sasine Extracts No. 5.

1. RS50/2/f.262. Sasine in favour of Robert MacEan alias Cameron, son of the deceased John MacEan alias Cameron in Coshiville of Grantully, on the one part, and Janet, daughter of […]

Perthshire Sasine Extracts No 4.

1. RS48/8/273. Sasine in favour of Jean, daughter of Laurence Fenton at the Mill of Balgarvie, and spouse to Constantine Snell, son of Robert Snell, portioner of Balgarvie, dated 5 […]