Campbell of Duntroon – Note


Duncan Campbell, 1st of Duntroon, was a younger son of Sir Colin Campbell of Lochawe and acquired the lands of Ardchastell, Ardefour, Poltalloch and others from his brother, Sir Duncan Campbell of Lochawe, by charter dated 30 January 1422-23. Although that document is now lost, abstracts were made and disseminated within various publications over the years before its whereabouts became unknown which, usefully, assist in dispelling a falsehood to the effect that Duncan, 1st of Duntroon, was a natural son. Such a statement is not supported by the terms of the charter which includes no reference to illegitimacy but instead, the granter, Sir Duncan Campbell, simply refers to Duncan as his dilecto fratri meo. The occurrence of two sons named Duncan may give rise to a presumption of illegitimacy, however, examples of two or more lawful sons bearing the same forename are widespread across Scotland from an early date and should not be considered evidence to prove that the younger of them had been born out of wedlock.