Campbell of Duntroon – Note

  Duncan Campbell, 1st of Duntroon, was a younger son of Sir Colin Campbell of Lochawe and acquired the lands of Ardchastell, Ardefour, Poltalloch and others from his brother, Sir […]

Midhope Castle _ Notes

  The old castle of Midhope, in the barony of Abercorn, in Linlithgowshire, has recently gained a degree of popularity by virtue of featuring in the TV series Outlander as […]

MacGillivray Chiefship – Notes

My interest in the Chiefship of MacGillivray of Dunmaglass was kindled several years ago upon an approach for assistance in identifying the current heir male. Not having undertaken any research, […]

Mackinnon Chiefship – Note

  Following the death without issue of John Mackinnon of Mackinnon in 1808, a petition was lodged at the Lyon Court by which the petitioner, William Alexander Mackinnon, M.P., successfully claimed […]

MacDonnell of Keppoch – Note

  The succession of the Chiefs of Keppoch has long been a challenge to the genealogist and it appears that the matter is not yet satisfactorily settled. The traditional genealogy […]

Hay of Murie – Note

A commonly accepted point of genealogy is that Sir John Hay of Murie was the son of George Hay in Murie, second son of Peter Hay of Megginch and his […]

Ramsay of Abbotshall – Note

The confusion which surrounds the precise relationship of Mr. Andrew Ramsay who succeeded to the lands of Abbotshall on the death of Sir Andrew Ramsay, Baronet, of Abbotshall, in 1709 […]