Hay of Murie – Note

A commonly accepted point of genealogy is that Sir John Hay of Murie was the son of George Hay in Murie, second son of Peter Hay of Megginch and his wife, Elizabeth Cheyne of Essilmont, but that is not correct. The matter is resolved by evidence contained in a number of writs. These include (1) John Hay’s Sasine for the lands and barony of Murie dated 7 August 1679 (for which see NRS RS52/6/f.134) in which he is styled son of the late John Hay of Seafield by his wife, Elizabeth Ramsay, sister of Francis Ramsay of Murie and (2) NRS RD2/49/12-13, dated 1 August 1679, which relates to John Hay’s taxation due from his newly acquired lands of Murie and in which he is again styled son of the late John Hay of Seafield.

Sir John Hay of Murie married Elizabeth Nevay, daughter and coheiress of Sir David Navy of that Ilk, and died in January 1703. His wife survived him and consented to their eldest son, Sir John Hay’s sale of Murie to George Yeaman in 1709 (see NRS RS52/16/f.17).