Ramsay of Abbotshall – Note

The confusion which surrounds the precise relationship of Mr. Andrew Ramsay who succeeded to the lands of Abbotshall on the death of Sir Andrew Ramsay, Baronet, of Abbotshall, in 1709 is clarified by that Mr. Andrew’s Sasine for the lands of Abbothsall – which is to be found at NRS RS3/95/453 – and in which he is styled “son of David Ramsay, brother to Andrew Ramsay of Woodstoune.”

The father, David Ramsay, had been tutor and then factor to Sir Andrew Ramsay (died 1709) and was the second son of William Ramsay of Woodstone, (immediate elder brother of Sir Andrew Ramsay, 1st of Abbotshall.) David married 29 April 1683, to Elizabeth Cunningham and died 6 January 1705 having had issue; eight children of which, Mr. Andrew Ramsay of Abbotshall was the eldest. The general presumption that Mr Andrew Ramsay’s succession to Abbotshall was by virtue of his being heir male to Sir Andrew Ramsay, 2nd Baronet, is not correct. Instead, it was his cousin german, John Ramsay of Woodston, who became heir male of the stirpes in 1709 and Andrew’s possession of Abbotshall was by virtue of his being principal creditor to Sir Andrew Ramsay. 

Mr. Andrew Ramsay married in 1712, to Helen, daughter of Dr. John Moncrieff of Rumgally, and died in 1717, aged thirty-three years. He was succeeded by his eldest son, David Ramsay of Abbotshall, who sold the estate to satisfy creditors.

David Ramsay of Abbotshall is said to have afterwards settled at Dalkeith and to have died there in 1775 leaving issue which included a son, Thomas, who assumed the title of Baronet, however, his being out with the remainder of the Abbotshall Baronecty, which was to heirs male of the body of the first Baronet, he was not entitled to do so.

Abbotshall Baronecty

Confusion also surrounds the identity of the Andrew Ramsay in favour of whom the Baronetcy was created. The Patent is to be found in the Great Seal register at C2/62/124 but is of no use in clarifying the matter on the basis that it simply refers to the grantee as “Sir Andrew Ramsay of ________”. It is likely that the recipient was Sir Andrew Ramsay, 1st of Abbotshall, who died in January 1688 and was succeeded in his title and estate by his grandson, Sir Andrew Ramsay (born 1678) and at whose death without issue in 1709, the title extinguished.