1. Testament of George Auchmouthie of that Ilk who died on 24 May 1617, given up by Robert Auchmouthie, his brother, as executor.

2. Testament of Elizabeth Scrymgeour, relict of Mr. John Ogilvy of that Ilk, who died "within the burgh of Dundee" in 1613.

3. Testament of Andrew Edmonstone of that ilk who died on 17 April 1613, faithfully made and given up by Marie Gordon, Lady Edmonstone, his wife, on behalf of their daughter, Janet, a minor.

4. Testament of Cuthbert Cunningham of Boquhan who died in July of 1616, faithfully made and given up by himself and Mr. John Cunningham, his son.

5. Testament of John Abercomby of Throsk who died in April 1608, given up by Alexander Abercromby, Merchant in Stirling, as executor.

6. Testament of Margaret Rollo, wife of William Livingstone of Wester Greenyards who died in April 1682, faithfully made and given up by the said William as executor. Proved on 4 July 1684.

7. Testament of Alexander Wood, Merchant in Kelso, who died ___________ given up by John Wood, his son, as executor., Proved 28 April 1682.

8. Testament of Alexander Wood in Gartnaferan, in the parish of Drymen, who died in may 1674, given up by Janet McNair, his relict spouse, as executor.

9. Testament of Robert Graham of Kilearn who died in September 1779, given up by George Oswald of Scotston and John Campbell of Clathick as executors qua cerditors.

10. Testament of Ludovick Callander of Dorrater who died on 5 February 1736, faithfully made and given up by Jean Loudon, his relict spouse, as executor.

11. Testament of Colin Buchanan of Leny who died on ___________ given up by his sister, Elizabeth Buchanan, Lady Arnprior, as executor. Proved on 9 February 1744.

12. Testament of John Spalding of Drumclune who died in January 1580 faithfully made and given up by himself on 3 January 1580 before these witnesses including, Andrew Spalding of Ashintully.

13. Testament of Jean Fraser, spouse of James Durham of Pitkerro, who died in November 1627, faithfully made and given up by the said James in name and on behalf of Mr. James, Jean, Grisel and Elspeth, their children.

14. Testament of David Balvaird of Brodell who died in February 1674, faithfully made and given up by Thomas Balvaird, his son, as executor.

15. Testament of Elizabeth Balvaird, relict of William Ballingall, younger, Burgess of Abernethy, who died on 2 February 1617, given up by William Ballingall, her father-in-law, as executor in the name of Elizabeth Ballingall, her only child.

16. Testament of Christine Blair, wife of Andrew Balvaird in Abernethy, who died in November 1598, faithfully made and given up by the said Andrew, as executor for Janet, their only child.

17. Testament of Margaret Stewart, spouse to John Stewart of Ballachuilish, who died in March of 1690.

18. Testament of William Wood, sometime portioner of Bonnyton and indweeler in the Canongate, Edinburgh, who died in December 1609.

19. Testament of Agnes Cunningham, relict of the deceased William Murray of Touchadam, who died in September 1587.

20. Testament of John Hepburn of Waughton who died in July 1669, given up by Sir Andrew Ramsay of Abbotshall as executor qua creditor.

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