Perthshire Sasine Extracts No. 3.

1. Sasine in favour of James Campbell, tacksman at Letter of Auchray, for the lands of Lanrick as heir to his father James Campbell of Stronslanny, dated 4 May 1785.

2. Sasine in favour of Alexander Menzies, Writer, for the lands of Chesthill, dated 27 May 1785.

3. Sasine in favour of Suanna Stewart, relict of the deceased Daniel MacDuff of Orchill, Merchant in Dundee, in the lands of Orchill beg as security of a liferent of 550 merks Scots granted to her by Jean MacDuff, wife of Christopher Sweedlands, in London, dated 1 August 1785.

4. Sasine in favour of Alexander Stewart, son and heir of Alexander Stewart of Findynate, and Marjory Stewart his wife, for the lands of Findynate in implementation of their marriage contract dated 27 July 1785, Sasine dated 30 July 1785.

5. Sasine in favour of William Stewart, Merchant in Perth, in the lands of east and West Duntaullich and the ferry boat of Over Tummell, in security of a Bond of £200 to Alexander Stewart of Duntaullich, dated 3 September 1785.

6. Sasine in favour of William Campbell of Duneaves, for the lands of Duneaves as heir to his father, Archibald Campbell of Duneaves, dated 13 September 1785.

7. Sasine in favour of Robert Robertson, M.D. in London, for a tenement in Dunkeld as heir to his father Patrick Robertson, Procurator Fiscal of Dunkeld, dated 28 October 1785.

8. Sasine in favour of Jean Buchanan, relict of John MacNab of MacNab in the lands of Arnprior, dated 21 March 1786.

9. Sasine in favour of Archibald Robertson, Major in the Corps of Engineers, and Catherine Austin, his wife, of the lands of Fordew now called Lawers, dated 6 September 1786.

10. Sasine in favour of Henry Butter of Pitlochry for the lands of Urquillbeg following acquisition from Jean MacDuff and Major Charles Sweedland, her husband, by Disposition of 10 August 1786. Sasine dated 28 August 1786.

11. Sasine in favour of Helen Stewart, wife of Patrick Robertson of Bohespick, of the Mains of Overton of Cloquhat, dated 22 November 1786.

12. Sasine in favour of James Stewart, Writer in Dowallie, of the lands of Nether Persie following acquisition from James Haggart of Nether Persie by Disposition of 3 November 1757. Sasine dated 26 January 1787.

13. Sasine in favour of Daniel Stewart, Writer in Dunkeld, in the half part of the lands of Kinnaird as heir to his father, John Stewart of Stronhavie, who had acquired them from John Robertson of Lettoch by Disposition dated 14 January 1744. Sasine dated 15 May 1788.

14. Sasine in favour of William Bisset of Muckliemore for the lands of Muckliemore as heir to his father, James Bisset of Muckliemore, dated 12 June 1788.

15. Sasine in favour of John Hay of Pitfour for the lands of Cairney as heir to his father, James Hay of Pitfour, dated 27 September 1788.

16. Sasine in favour of Samuel Stewart of Over Culteuchar for the lands of Over Culteuchar, as heir to his father, Samuel Stewart, Merchant in Perth, dated 25 May 1789.

17. Sasine in favour of Robert MacNab, brother to Francis MacNab of Bovaine, for the lands of Easter Torrie, dated 3 August 1789.

18. Sasine in favour of Margaret Anne Yeaman, wife of Alexander Nairne of Drumkilbo, in the liferent of the lands of Drumkilbo in implementation of a marriage contract between she and the said Alexander dated 23 June 1787. Sasine dated 22 March 1791.

19. Sasine in favour of James Sharp of Kincarrochie for the lands of Kincarrochie which he had acquired from Thomas, Earl of Hyndford, in lieu of a Bond for £1500 granted by David Stewart of Kincarrochie to Robert Bisset, son of Thomas Bisset of Glenalbert, dated 7 May 1764, Sasine dated 28 November 1791.

20. Sasine in favour of Alexander MacLaren of Pittenzie for the lands of Pittenzie on a Disposition to him by his father, Alexander MacLaren of Pittenzie, dated 25 October 1786, with reservation of liferents to Grisel Campbell, wife of Alexander, senior, and Barbara, Grisel and Jean MacLaren, his daughters. Dated 20 April 1792.

21. Sasine in favour of Captain John Robertson, son of James Robertson of Lude, for the lands of Pitcairns following upon acquisition by him from William Graham of Orchill. Sasine dated 24 February 1792.

22. Sasine in favour of Jean Robertson, daughter of John Robertson of Clunskae, in the lands of Clunskae, in Glenbrerachan, with reservation of liferent to Jean Butter, wife of the said John, 26 February 1794.

23. Sasine in favour of Jean, Elizabeth, Ann and Eupham Stewarts, daughters to Charles Stewart of Bohallie, for the merkland of Port of Grannich following upon a Disposition to them by Euphemia Stewart and Charles Stewart at Protnellan, her husband, of 9 June 1794. Sasine dated 10 June 1796.

24. Sasine in favour of Catherine and Janet Campbell, sisters of David Campbell of Glenlyon, for the lands of Woodwell, dated 9 September 1794.

25. Sasine in favour of Alexander Fergusson of Balyeokan for the lands of Balyeokan as heir to his father, Thomas Fergusson of Balyeokan, dated 13 May 1796.

26. Sasine in favour of John MacNab of Newton, Writer to the Signet, for the lands of Monachyles as heir to his father, Archibald MacNab of Newton, dated 15 November 1794.





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