Tullochmoulin Writs

Blair Atholl Archives, Parcel IV Box 20: Tullochmoulin Writs.

1. Disposition by John, Earl of Atholl, to John Dewar in Urlar of Bolfracks and Barbara Campbell, his wife, for 2000 merks Scots. Dated 8 November 1637.

2. Bond by John, Earl of Atholl, in favour of Robert Dewar in Urlar confirming the previous Bond, dated 24 February 1658.

3. Sasine on resignation by Donald Dewar of Tullochmoulin of the lands of Tullochmoulin in favour of Robert Dewar, his son. Dated 27 April 1659.

4. Retour of Robert Dewar as heir to his father, the late John Dewar in Aberlednock, dated 20 September 1662.

5. Obligation by John, Earl of Atholl, confirming a Bond of 8 November 1637 by his father to Robert Dewar, son and heir to the late John Dewar, and in security had infeft him in the lands of Tullochmoulin, dated 3 December 1672.

7. Charter by John, Marquis of Atholl, confirming charter of 27 August 1655, by the late Donald Dewar of Tullochmoulin to Donald Dewar, younger, of the lands of Tullochmoulin, dated 4 January 1688.

11. Instrument of Sasine in favour of Colonel James Menzies of Culdares of the lands Tullochmoulin following upon a resignation by John Dewar of Tullochmoulin, dated 2 June 1693.





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