Alexander Duncan, Provost of Dundee


The identity of the Alexander Duncan who was Provost of Dundee from 1681-85 has been the cause of some confusion which stems from a mis-identification with a namesake and contemporary, Alexander Duncan, 1st of Lundie, and a continual perpetuation of that error. The issue is resolved by the baptismal entry below in which the first "name mother" Janet Bultie, is specifically styled "relict off wmqhll Alexr Duncan somtym provost of Dundie".



The correct Alexander Duncan was a Bailie of Dundee by 1678 and married there, on 9 December 1665, to the said Janet Bultie by whom he had issue;

1 Robert, baptised 22 December 1669

2. Alexander Duncan, (see below).

3 Elizabeth, baptised 10 July 1676.

4 Margaret, baptised 29 May 1678.

5 Janet, married 18 November 1695, to Henry Smith, Merchant in Dundee.


Alexander Duncan of Strathmartine, was the second son of Alexander Duncan, the Provost, and was baptised at Dundee on 31 January 1671. He acquired the lands of Strathmartine and married at Edinburgh, on 1 November 1702, to Agnes, daughter of John Cuming, Writer in Edinburgh. He had issue, three daughters;

1 Janet, baptised 2 November 1703.

2. Agnes, baptised 5 July 1705 and married James Milne, Merchant in Dundee.

3. Jean, baptised 28 September 1715.