Maitland of Lauderdale


Volume 5, pp.302-303 of the Scots Peerage (Balfour Paul edition) deals with John Maitland, 1st Earl of Lauderdale, and states "he is said to have had issue seven sons and eight daughters. Most these must have died young, for the following are the only children whose names are known". As research continues, new information is brought to the fore and evidence now to hand allows that entry to be updated accordingly.

The Peerage lists five children to 1st Earl of Lauderdale, namely:

  1. John, 2nd Earl, born at Lethington on 24 May 1616.
  2. Robert Maitland or Lundie
  3. Charles, 3rd Earl of Lauderdale
  4. Jean, born 1 October 1612 and died 8 December 1631
  5. Sophia,

New evidence allows for the following additions to that list:

  1. John, baptised at Edinburgh on 18 March 1613.
  2. Lillias, baptised at Edinburgh on 7 January 1619
  3. Richard, baptised at Edinburgh on 2 May 1620.

and the baptismal date for Sophia can now be confirmed as 15 November 1625.

Of the second son Robert Maitland afterwards Lundin of that Ilk (born 1623), the Peerage gives three children;

  1. John, who died without issue.
  2. Sophia, Countess of Melfort
  3. Anna, Lady Finavon.

New evidence confirms the following additions:

  1. Robert, baptised at Largo on 22 April 1651
  2. Elizabeth, baptised at largo on 25 July 1613.

Additionally, the date of baptism of the eldest son, John, is now established as 4 December 1644.


The Peerage entry for John, 2nd Earl of Lauderdale, states that he died having had one child, a daughter, Mary. That is not correct and the following additions can now be made;

  1. Alexander, baptised on 12 May 1642
  2. Isabel, baptised on 3 September 1635.