Misc. research Notes No. 7.

1. Testament of the deceased William Reidheugh of Aberlednock who died upon the 27 February 1572, given up by himself upon the 27th day foresaid at Colquhalzie before these witnesses: Robert Aysoun, Notary, and John Drummond of Colquhalzie.

2. Testament of the deceased James Drummond of Colquhalzie who died in January 1767 given up by James Fergus, Writer in Edinburgh, as executor qua creditor. Mention is made of an agreement between the defunct and Mary Drummond, his daughter, and Philip Robertson, her husband. Also mentioned is a debt due by him to James Young, Surgeon in Dundee, husband to Margaret Drummond, the defunct's daughter and debts were due by him to Ronald Drummond at Kirkton of Balquidder and Drummond of Balhaldie.

3. Testament of the deceased Sir Robert Murray of Tibbermuir who died at London in February 1713, faithfully made and given up by Margaret and Helen Murray, his sisters, and Charles Mitchell, Writer in Edinburgh, as having power of attorney in the name and on behalf of George, Robert and Elizabeth Murray, children to Mr Anthony Murray, brother german to the defunct. He instructs his money to be divided between his nephews and nieces and his English and Latin books to be gifted to Mr Robert Bell, now Minister at Cavers, his nephew. His niece, Elizabeth Murray, is to have the gold coronation medal of William and Mary. His body is to be buried near to that of his father in the Greyfriars, Edinburgh.

4. Testament of the deceased Andrew Tosheoch of Monzievaird who died in January 1665 given up by Margaret Tosheoch, his daughter, as only executor dative. Mention is made of the defunct's rights to the escheat goods of his natural brother, Duncan Tosheoch.

5. Testament of the deceased John Riddoch of Laggan who died in March of 1672 given up by Mary Drummond, his relict, as executor, with consent of Patrick Drummond of Muirton, her father. Mention is made of their contract of marriage of 1656 to which his brother, David Riddoch of Aberlednoch, was cautioner.

6. Testament of the deceased James Stewart of Ardvorlich who died in December 1698 given up by Alexander Stewart in Gardeith, his brother german, as executor. Mention is made of Elizabeth Buchanan, Lady Ardvorlich, his wife, and Robert and Alexander Stewart, their sons.

7. Testament of the deceased James Drummond of Comrie who died in 1702 given up by Margaret Vauss, his relict spouse, second daughter to Mr John Vauss, Master of the Tolbooth in Edinburgh, and James Williamson of Chapelton, for his interest.

8. Testament of the deceased Anna Oliphant, daughter of the deceased Patrick Oliphant of Williamstone, who died in July 1697.

9. Testament of the deceased Lieutenant-Colonel Patrick Graham, second son of the deceased Patrick Graham of Inchbraikie, who died in August 1720, faithfully made and given up by Doctor William Graham, his son, as executor.

10. Testament of the deceased John Drummond of Kildees who died in November 1726, faithfully made and given up by James Drummond, now of Kildees, his son, as executor.

11. Testament of the deceased Duncan Drummond of Balhaldie who died in January 1683, faithfully made and given up by Alexander Drummond, his only son, as executor. He bequeaths 3000 merks to Elizabeth Drummond, his youngest daughter, and 500 merks to his sister, Beatrix Drummond.

12. Testament of the deceased John Murray-Hepburn of Blackcastle who died at Balmanno in January 1713, faithfully made and given up by Mary Murray, his relict spouse, and Patrick Hepburn, now of Blackcastle, his only child.

13. Testament of the deceased James Drummond, Earl of Perth, who died in June 1675, faithfully made and given up by James Drummond, his eldest son, as executor.

14. Testament of the deceased Gavin Drummond of Kildees who died in February 1617, faithfully made and given up by Elizabeth Murray, his spouse, on behalf of James, William, David, Elspeth and Margaret, their children.

15. Testament of the deceased Mr. Archibald Drummond, Minister at Auchterarder, who died in July 1680, faithfully made and given up by Mr James Drummond, Minister at Muthill, his brother, as executor.





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