Misc. Research Notes. No. 8.

NRS Register of Deeds First Series, RD1/9/abstracts.

9. Contract between Archibald, Earl of Argyle, having the ward and relief of all of the lands of umquhille William MacLeod of Dunvegan, with the marriage of Marie MacLeod, only daughter and apparent heir of the said William, and taking burden for her, on the one part, and Tormod MacLeod, brother and heir male and tailzie of the said William, and also as heir male to umquhille Alexander MacLeod of Dunvegan, his father, of all the lands of Trotterness, Sleat and North Uist, dated 25 February 1566.

11. Contract of marriage between John Cockburn of Ormiston and Sybilla Cockburn, his daughter, on the one part, and William Sinclair of Herdmanstone, Knight, on the other part, dated 26 February 1566.

12. Obligation, George Munro of Dalcarte to James Nicolson, Burgess of Edinburgh, 26 February 1566.

12b. Obigation, George Munro of Dalcarte, Chamberlain of our Sovereign's lands of Ross and Ardmannoch, to James Nicolson, Burgess of Edinburgh, 24 February 1566.

13. Obligation, Sir William Murray of Tulliebardine, Knight, Comptroller, to John Kempt, Burgess of Edinburgh, John Hunter, Burgess of the Canongate, and James Marshall in Stirling, 27 February 1566.

14. Contract, Nichol Hay of Fudie, with consent of Mr. John Spens of Condy and wardatour of Fudie, on the one part, and John Kynneir, brother of Henry Kinneir of Strathburne, on the other part, 30 September 1566.

15. Obligation, James Adamson, Burgess of Edinburgh, to My Thomas Westoune, 3 March 1566.

16. Acquittance, Cuthbert Ramsay, Burgess of Edinburgh, and janet Fleming, his spouse, to John Carnegie of Setoune, 6 March 1566.

16b. Obligation, Alexander Forbes of Auchquhanzie, principal, and Patrick Menzies of Ferryhill, Mr Alexander Skene, Advocate, and John Bannerman of Cardney, sureties to Robert Gourlay, merchant burgess of Edinburgh, assignee of my lord treasurer, 5 March 1566.

17. Obligation, Euphame Dundas to Walter, Abbot of Kinloss, 25 February 1561.

20. Contract, Archibald, Earl of Argyle, Lord Campbell and Lorne, and Donald MacDonald Gorme of Sleat, 4 March 1566.

21. Obligation, Mr Alexander Lauder, Parson of Glasgow, to James Nicholson, Collector Clerk, 8 March 1566.

22. Obligation, Andrew Murdistoune, Merchant Burgess of Perth, and now indweller in Edinburgh, to Thomas Fentoun, Burgess of Perth, 12 October 1564.

23. Obligation, John, Lord Erskine, and Alexander Forrester of Carden to David Nicoll, one of the Conventual Brothers of Cambuskenneth, 20 February 1562.

24. Contract, Patrick, Bishop of Moray and Commendator of the Abbey of Scone, and Alexander Dunbar of Kilboyoch, 1 March 1566.

26b. Contract, John Hill of that Ilk, and Sir John Crawford, Vicar of Natoune, 26 February 1566.

28. Acquittance, John Carnegie of Setoun to John, Lord of Innermeath, 17 Februart 1566.

28b. Contract, Walter, Abbot of Kinloss and Commendator of the Priory of Bewly, on the one part, and Mr Robert Glen, Burgess of Edinburgh, and John Wardlaw in Leith, on the other part, 24 February 1566.

29b. Contract, Mr. Thomas Westoun, Advocate, on the one part, and James Crichton, natural son of umquhille James Crichton of Cranstonriddell, and liferenter of the mill and mill lands of Clunye on the other, 16 March 1566.

31. Decreet Arbitral by the Queen and Andrew, Earl of Rothes, and William leslie his brother, 15 January 1564.

33. Tack, William Leslie, brother to Andrew, Earl of Rothes, liferenter of the lands of Ballinbreich, to the said Earl, 18 March 1566.

34. Obligation, Andrew, Earl of Rothes, principal, David Barclay of Cullernie, and James Barron, Burgess of Edinburgh, sureties, to William Leslie, brother to the said Earl, 12 March 1566.

36. Decreet Arbitral, Adam Wauchope, son and heir of umquhille george Wauchope, Burgess of Lauder, on the one part, and Cristell Home of Barro and Alexander Home, his brother, on the other part, 1 March 1565.

37b. Obligation, Dame Janet Betoune, relict of Walter Scott of Branxholme, Knight, and kindlie tenant of the Mylnes of Musselburgh, to Sir James Balfour of Pittendreich, Knight, Clerk Register, and Mr Thomas Westoun, 24 March 1566.

39. Obligation, Alexander Dunbar of Cumnock, Knight, Sheriff of Moray, to George, Lord Seytoune, 16 March 1566.

50. Contract, Henry, Master of Sinclair, fiar of the barony of Dysart, on the one part, and Michael Schaw on the other part, 17 April 1567.

51b. Contract, James Scrimgeour of Henderstone, brother german to John Scrimgeour of Dudhope, Constable of Dundee, on the one part, and Mr. Alexadner Crichton, Chantor of Dunkeld, and Parson of Lundieff, on the other, 3 March 1566.

53. Contract, Thomas Blair of Balthayock, Katherine Aytoun, his spouse, William, Patrick, Margaret and Christiane Blair, their sons and daughters, on the one part, and Alexander Blair, son and apparent heir to the said Thomas and Katherine, on the other, 3 January 1566.

56. Contract, Thomas Blair of Balthayock, on the one part, and Alexander Blair, his son and apparent heir, with consent of Gilbert Monorgund of that Ilk, John Blair, apparent of Balgillo, George Blair of Gairdrum and Alexander Blair of Friarton, on the other part, 13 August 1565.

58. Assignation, Patrick Hepburn, Parson of Kynnoir, to Patrick, Bishop of Moray and Commendator of Scone, 29 March 1567.

62. Obligation, George, Earl of Huntly and Lord Gordon and Badenoch, Chancellor of Scotland, to Patrick Forbes of Corse, 17 April 1567.

63b. Obligation, Patrick Forbes of Corse and William Forbes, his eldest son and apparent heir, and George Gordon of Auchmalidy, surety, to Adam Gordon of Inner, son of umquhille George, Earl of Huntly, 20 April 1567.

64. Obligation, Alexander Innes of Cromy to his eme, James Innes in Mynyne. 19 April 1567.

65. Obligation, Willliam Sempill in Barnhill to Gilbert McQuirrie, Burgess of Edinburgh, 24 April 1567.

65b. Contract, Gilbert Ker of Prymsideloch, on the one part, and Mr Thomas Weston, Advocate, on the other, 24 April 1567.

67. Obligation, Andrew Congalton, brother to umquhille John Congalton, one of the archers of the King of France's guards for the times, to John Hay, Commendator of Balmerino, 24 April 1567.

68. Contract, James, Lord Ogilvy, on the one part, and James Ogilvie of that Ilk and Findlater, for himself and Tutor to Walter Ogilvie, his oy and apparent heir, on the other, 23 April 1567.

71. Contract, George Barclay of that Ilk, Knight, and Patrick Menzies of Ferryhill, 23 April 1567.

72b. Obligation, Andrew MacMillan in Gariarde, executor of George Gordon of Culmark and Tutor testamentar of George Gordon, son and heir of the said George, to Mr Thomas Weston, executor and tutor testamentar to umquhille John Weston, Burgess and Treasurer of Edinburgh, 25 April 1567.

73. Contract, Patrick Dunbar, fiar of Cumnock, principal, and John Cossar, Burgess of Edinburgh, surety, on the one part, and Andrew Craig, Burgess of the said Burgh, on the other, 26 April 1567.

73b. Obligation, Robert Graham of Knockdoliane to Mr. John Moscrop, 25 January 1566.

74b. Obligation, Mathew Campbell of Loudoun, Knight, to Mr. John Moscrop, Advocate, 15 April 1567.

75. Obligation, Matthew Campbell of Loudoun, Knight, to Hew Campbell, 15 April 1567.

76. Contract, Dame Elizabeth Lindsay, Lady Borthwick, and George Preston, her spouse, on the one part, and Margaret Borthwick, daughter and one of the two executors of umquhille John, Lord Borthwick, and Patrick Hepburn, Parson of Kinnoir, her spouse, 25 April 1567.

77b. Contract of Marriage between James Hamilton of Samueltoune on the one part, and Helen Leslie, relict of Gilbert Seytoune of Parbroath, and Mark, Commendator of Newbattle, her spouse, and taking burden for janet Seytoune, daughter lawfull of the said deceased Gilbert and Helen, on the other part, 30 April 1567.

78b. Contract, Alexander Achesoune of Gossford and Helen Rey, his spouse, on the one part, and Marion Cockburn, relict of Alexander Sinclair of Gossford and Laurence Metcalf, her spouse, on the other, dated 2 May 1567.

80. Contract, Mr Peter Quhit, heritable fewar of the lands of Auchnagar, taking burden for John Quhit, his father, liferenter thereof, and Elspeth Rutherford, spouse to the said Mr Peter, and conjunct fewar of the same, on the one part, and Anthony Rattray of Kirkland, on the ohter part, 7 May 1565.

81. Contract, Willliam Moffat in Threipwood on the one part, and Mr Thomas Weston, Advocate, on the other part, 4 May 1567.

83. Contract, George, Earl of Huntly, taking burden for Dame Elizabeth Keith, Countess of Huntly, his mother, and for the heirs of umquhille george Gordon of Cochlachry on the one part, and Mr. Thomas Keir, on the other, 26 April 1567.

84b. Acquittance, John Brown of Fordell and Katherine Boswell, his spouse, to William Kirkcaldy of Grange, Knight, 4 May 1567.

85. Obligation, John Cockburn of Ormiston with consent of Alison Sandilands, his spouse, and of John Cockburn, his son and apparnet heir, to Alexander MacDougal of Stedrig, 17 May 1567.

86. Contract of Marriage between Marie, Queen of Scots, on the one part, and James, Duke of Orkney, Earl Bothwell, Lord Hailes, Crichton and Liddesdale, Great Admiral of Scotland, 14 May 1567.

88. Contract of Marriage between Laurence Young in Carstairs taking burden for katheirne Young, his daughter, on the one part; and John Smyth there, taking burden for John Smyth, his son, on the other part, 17 February 1566.

89. Acquittance, Mr. Thomas Westoun, Advocate, to Dame Agnes Ker, spouse to John Edmonstone of that Ilk, Knight, 16 May 1567.

90. Acquittance, Mr George Hepburn, Parson of Dalry, to Roger Donaldson, Burgess of Edinburgh, 16 May 1567.

90b. Contract of Marriage between Mr James Balfour, Dean of Glasgow, George Balfour, his brother in North Tarrie, and Thomas Ogilvy at the Ward Mylne of Arbroath, for the part of Besse Ogilvy, sister to the said Thomas on the one part, and John Forstair, elder of Corstoune, taking burden for janet Farrer, his spouse, and John Forstair, their son and apparent heir, 8 October 1566.

92. Acquittance, Michael Balfour, fiar of Montquhanny, oy of Andrew Balfour of Montquhanny, to Euphame Dundas, his mother-in-law, relict of Alexander Adamsone, Burgess of Edinburgh, 19 May 1567.

93. Obligation, William Wallace of Brighouse to Mr Archibald Crawford, Parson of Eaglesham and Vicar of Kilbryde, 21 May 1567





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