Buchanan of Leny

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Bruce of Arnot

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Blair of Tarsappie

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Bonar of Greigston

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Balneaves of Carnbaddie

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Abercromby of Birkenbog

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Inventory of McCorranstoune Writs

Below is a transcript of NRS GD86/1002/46 which is the Inventory of the progress of writs relating to the lands of McCorranstoune, in Menteith.   Inventary of the Writts and […]

Perthshire Sasine Extracts No. 3.

1. Sasine in favour of James Campbell, tacksman at Letter of Auchray, for the lands of Lanrick as heir to his father James Campbell of Stronslanny, dated 4 May 1785. […]

Perthshire Sasine Extracts No. 1.

1. Sasine in favour of Alicia Dundas, daughter of James Dundas of Dundas, of the liferent of the lands of Ballindean in implementation of her marriage contract with Sir John […]

Perthshire Sasine Extracts No. 2.

  1. Sasine in favour of David Forrester of Polder for the lands of Little Ward as heir to his deceased father, James Forrester of Polder, 20 October 1783. 2. […]